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Is this a pollen sack or seed?

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Went through both plants, both have seeds, whilst one also has some pollen sacks that had pollen in them.


My guess is they are both hermies as the plant the seeds came from must have been a Hermie as there was seeds I plucked out of the bud my mate gave me.


Do I just keep plucking the seeds when I see em. I'll still get some smokeable buds yeah?


Thanks for all the input!

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Your smoko will be ruined, You have to try and get rid of the pollen or male flowers. If there is too many your crop will be fully seeded.  


If you grew bag seed its no surprise.   The one that is hermie and self pollinates will produce all male seed. The one that gets pollinated by the hermie will produce unstable females seeds that will likely hermie. Don't quote me on that but i had the same misfortune last year.


Pull the hermie out now if you want to save the one good one but it may be too late.

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