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Trich colours and genetics?

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Hey guys i just had a thought regarding trichomes and genetics, now i have 2 100 percent indica strains obviously indicas are known for there couchlock, body relaxation properties well everyone says to harvest when trichs are cloudy generally but cloudy trichs are for head highs correct? And amber is for bodystoned? So my question is with my 100 percent indicas that genetically designed for bodystone, will i need to aim for amber trichs still to get that effect or because of genetics i should aim to harvest cloudy trichs? Thank you
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You still want at least 30% amber for a good body stone from an Indica.  You can't turn an Indica into a Sativa stone, or vice versa, by going for early or late harvesting on trich colour, but you can enhance the base properties of the genetics a bit by doing it.  Avoid harvesting Indicas too early as it doesn't allow them to reach peak potency either.  Nothing like some black putty off an over matured Indica to numb and sedate the body :peace:

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if you take 2 100% indicas and cross them both to two unique 33.3% indica hybrids your trichomes will be rainbow coloured, suggesting unicorns have left their mark on your nuggets. You might have a cultivar that expresses those traits but usually not uniformly without multi-generational inbreeding for those specific alleles(traits).
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