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Indoor summer grow


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Can you modify your air intake to draw from a cooler spot within house/shed/etc?


For example, can you draw air from under the house? it can make a huge difference of up 5-10c (imo).



But yeah, I wouldn't bother until you sort out the Elephant in the room. That being, not having a cooltube/s setup directly drawing the heat out generated by the bulb/s to begin with (if that is the case).

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I ordered a intake fan that works like a evap cooler, it sits over its on 45L tank witch had a pump in it , just fill with water and ice to really chill the water so as the air gets pulled into the room its cooled and with the hot summer air being so dry dowm here its spose to life the relative humidity up a bit to, also brought some cool tubes, be interesting to see how it runs
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Serated edge i was more asking would a air con be needed if cool tubes were ran , no need to be a smart arse with ya 1+1=2 bullshit


What you got no sense of humour ? I even answered the question for you didn't I ?


Simple question - Simple answer. ...


.what do you think A six year old would say..........." Turn the fucken Aircon on daddy.......hence the grade one arithmetics


You've taken it as personal though ........that's your problem buddy






Occasional smart arse - bullshit mathematition,....signing off.

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