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Has anyone tried this? Looks not too bad

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never used it but if your looking to be organic ????

always be wary of the statement " Organically Based "

generally means not organic 


i've used this & would def choose it over pwerfeed & not just cos it's certified 


around the same price i think 


eco-aminogro is a registered organic liquid fertiliser which promotes healthy plant growth resulting

in more flowers and tastier fruit. Derived from digested marine waste it is packed full of nutrients,

vitamins and amino acids that plants absorb very quickly. eco-aminogro is safe for all plants including natives.


  • rapidly absorbed by plants either as a foliar spray or when watered into the soil
  • feeds plants with a complete mix of essential nutrients, amino acids and vitamins
  • increases fruit and vegetable size and quantity
  • improves taste of fruit and produce
  • enhances flower colours
  • produces strong healthy plant growth less susceptible to pest and disease attack
  • safe for natives
  • also feeds soil microbes to help build healthier soils
  • Registered Organic (Australian Organic)
  • excellent when partnered with eco-seaweed
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