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when to pollinate?

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this topic is sure to have been dealt with before but I can't find it.  maybe this is due to age shrinking my brain. or greying my eyesight.  but my question is:  if a body wanted to


preserve a strain and s/he had a plump female and some pollen, when should the dust be sprinkled?  my understanding is that the timing is important to obtain a maximum of


seeds that will be female.

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If both the female plant and the pollen are from the same strain, and you aren't insistent on a very particular phenotype of that strain, then it's a simple matter of pollen chucking and the finer art of breeding isn't all that relevant.  If a very particular phenotype is desired then you need to follow Itchy's advice.  Nothing wrong with being a simple pollen chucker though :D


Never heard anything about pollenation timing affecting male/female ratios amongst the resulting seeds, and also find it hard to believe, but that doesn't mean there's nothing to it.  At a basic level, guess at the earliest date for your plant to reach the level of maturity desired and backtrack 6 weeks or so from that point, that's your pollenation date.  Some strains will produce mature seeds after 4 weeks, but best to allow 6 in my experience, possibly a little longer for some pure sativa's.


Best of luck :peace:

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thankyou Sir PsychoHashy!


I 've pollinated on previous occasions ages ago.  especially when the first female flowers show close to the stem long before there are heads.  with bushweed there was always a


male flowering by that time.  at present I have a nice variety I think deserves preserving and had heard there is an optimum time.  but what you say makes sense to me so I 'll treat


this new variety like I treated the ones ages ago.   (Have only a minimum number of plants and am hoping I even grow a male to pollinate with!)

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can you just pollinate a few buds, or does "impregnating" part of the plant transfer to the rest?


And if I assume you can just pollinate part, how would you go about not accidentally pollinating the whole plant?


You can selectively pollenate, and it doesn't transfer to the rest of the plant, except for stray grains of pollen floating around.  Near impossible to prevent the odd stray seed from applying pollen selectively, but I go about it one of 2 ways.  Lazy way is to just apply carefully to one bud and hope for the best, hard way is keep the selected bud dry whilst wetting all the other buds, carefully apply pollen to the dry bud, put a paper bag over the bud and close it off for a day or 2, remove the bag and spray down everything with water again as water basically kills the pollen (apparently).  I use a small paintbrush to apply the pollen, but no matter what you do little puffs of pollen dust get loose.

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reading the above - this is why I used to pollinate at first sign of flowers.  when there's just a few little white anthers [are they?] poking out of the stem where future flowering heads


are gonna grow.  can't overpollintae if there's only a few flowers.  I seem to recall that the seeds were almost ready by the time the heads were beginning to form.  anyway now I'm


sounding like an expert when I was the one who asked the question in the first place!  so I 'm just an expert with bush weed not with present day genetics.  ooroo!

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