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Root booster


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Hermananian im still reading up about mycorrhiza im not sure of its relationship to fulvic acid!

From what ive read about root boosters today your better off using fulvic acid for the reason itchy explained!

Anyhow i will continue to read up on mycorrhiza but im not sure it will help me growing in mediams but it looks like a good idea gor outdoor doil preperation cheers!



Been reading about a root booster called great white. Seems half decent



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Check out fluvric acid
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myco is a fungus that attaches itself to the root system , it has a symbiotic relationship. it need the roots to be alive to live. the myco eats all the foods and nutrients in the soil directly and converts them into better foods for the root system, then the roots system feeds directly from the fungus , so the roots are indirectly getting a feed.


End story is the fungus gets fed, the roots get fed better than they were in the first place, WIN / WIN , 10 / 10 situation.

You got yourself a root booster.


Be careful with some chemical artificial (or some organic) root boosters too, they stop/slow/reduce vegetation growth of the plant for a week or more, your plant focuses on growing roots only.

Not saying the one you use will, just saying they exist.


Also the fungus (myco) that has the symbiotic relationship with the root system, acts as a natural pest control to rid annoying pests such as gnats.

I've not had 1 gnat since i started using myco in my pots with my roots. 


I use endo myco. (abrv.)

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