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first time grower

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Hey fellas,

Its my first time growing and I want to try and get started in the next few weeks. I've got some real quality seeds and am looking to grow some really quality plants. I've got girl scout cookies, white widow and pineapple express#2 that I want to try out and hopefully I don't screw them up. Ive read the books but want some first hand advice and recommendations from some experienced Aussie growers like what the best nutrients, soils, and feed are that have worked for you guys? when have you found it the best time to grow? When is the best time to transplant?

All advice is welcome, I want to try and learn as much as I can before I get started :)

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I recommend trying outdoors first, I grown for about 17 years. Usually I put my seeds in 100mm pots with ​with a premium potting mix till they start to shoot, cover in something clear to stop the birds eating it! and only give water for the first couple weeks till you get a few leaves happening, then transplant into bigger pots or in the ground with more potting mix and moopoo maybe bloodandbone to spacing them bout 1.5m apart. at this stage bring in fish emulsion or power feed maybe a starter feed if you got a fertilizer pack. keep the water and nutrients up and general health checks like nice colour leaves airy soil and such, trim the big shade leaves, at budding time start with stronger fertilizers adding blood and bone soaked water and stuffread your books keep your plant healyhu it will tell you what you need if your lacking anything but most off all enjoy it and experiment a little really. just read your grow books and keep it healthy!!! don't want pests or lack off nutrients water etc to ruin what could be a wicked smoke. message if you need any advice if you like :)

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Scoobs on the mark. But as much as I wanted to use blood & bone, I had to drop it from where I was growing some 30 odd years ago as I found it bought in the wildlife and they'd dig up the ground that it went into for the first couple of weeks. Fortunately I never totally lost a crop to them, but it was enough to set off alarm bells. If animals aren't a problem, then I'd give it a thumbs up as well.


Definitely learn outdoors first & be prepared to lose up to 90% of the seedlings you establish if you go guerilla. Wildlife (fauna & flora), weather events, rippers, sexing and so on can see the numbers diminish quickly.

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