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any used "rock burst" before?

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hey guys and gals, its my first time using this "rock" product called "burst" ...its about a week and half into flower and so far it seems to have just increased stretch and internode length and ammount. Im just really hoping the stretch stops..I will know by the end of the week but basically just seeing if anyone out there has used it before..it says on the back of it that it creates a "reproductive flurry" and to use it for the first four weeks of flower..so if anyone has used this before let me know what to expaet and if its effective...also ive noticed white little growths on the upper stems of some of the bigger buds..im sure its not mites or anything as some og them follow the seam of the stem, as if it has grown too quick and split, leaving little traces of sap looking stuff...any clues let me know, cheers everyone

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i know. no camera i have can focus enough on them to get a clear pic..im not too worried about the white stuff. im certain its just caused by supercharged growth...I sprayed with my bug mix anyway just incase..im more interested to know if anyone has used the stuff called rock burst...rock is the brand and burst is the type...its says its an organic mix designed for hydro that promotes a "flurry of reproductive growth" just curious if anyone's used it before

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