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Whats wrong with my plants?

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Hi guys just writing in to ask for your opinions cos i cant seem to find a answer on the net.

Ok so i noticed today when i checked on them that the leaves of a few plants where getting pale on top but where green underneath still. Its not on every leaf but quite a few on the plants that have it.

I jumped on to see if i could find out what the problem is and the only few answers that i could find is

A. powdery mildew, I tried wiping it of with a damp bit of paper towel and its defiantly the leaf so i crossed that one out.

B. nitrogen toxicity as the plants are in flower and are 2-3 weeks from finished and the leaves are still really green.

C. Light bleaching, some of the plant leaves are at least 2 feet away from the HPS so i don't think it is this reason.


Now they are in a DWC system and i have been changing the water every 7 days while they are in flower. I use general hydro nutes and run at the moment 50ml of flora gro, 80ml of flora micro and 110ml of flora bloom in 40l of water.


So what do you guys think it is and any suggestions on how to fix it or should i even bother being so close to finish?



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Genetic? im no expert far from it but i dont see the problem, looks like some nice fall colors in this late into flower? i know even less about indoor, are the leaves around the buds showing these changes?  The more i look at it the less i see lol i would like to kjnow if indeed it is a problem

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EC as in ppm? the ppm is 1200 the plants were drinking a lot in veg and the first 4 - 5 weeks of flower. They would suck up nearly 20l in 6 days but now they take way less. I'm guessing close to 10l for 7 days but im not sure if thats because they are close to finish.

ive just started flushing them today. The ppms only dropped a small amount in the last week as well like from 1200ppm to 1031ppm. I did check the roots and they have a slight yellowish tinge to them but other then that its really clean in the system.

PH is always between 5.5 - 6

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Oh ok. Just at times when mine used lot of water they could get this dull tinge to them. But considering what stage your at and how the leaf in the picture looks I doubt you have anything to worry about.


That said, do keep an eye out for mold on a daily basis because a few strains in a DWC setup are prone to developing a bit in places in the later stages of a grow. But if your humidity is low and you got ample ventilation it shouldn't prove much of an issue. I struggled at times because my outdoor ambient humidity hovered around 70%, and by the time it exited the cabinet it could up around 85%-95%. I was up against it at times.


Anyway, nice to hear you're on the run home with it, smokinitup. :)

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