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Skunk weed

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Hey guys thought this might interest some spiked interest in my nasal passages to be sure.


Got a bag of weed today from a mate and for the first time in 2 years back smoking is the first time i have seen, what we came to know in our area as "Skunk"  and as i have seen a stack of debate on various forums about where it went or who had it or has it and what not so thought i would post a cpl of pics, no idea what they call it maybe lemon skunk no idea all i know is its smells exactly like skunk i was buying back in 99 before i joined the Defence force.


Not quite as strong a smell as i remember but still pungent, if it isnt skunk, ive never smoked skunk lol





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yes i have grew it, it was from clone and it was about 2 years ago now.


And sorry i cant for the life of me remember who the breeder was.


If you do grow it make sure you have very good stink control because u will need it, even with harvest and drying.


If u dont have good stink control ppl will picking up the smell at the start of ya drive way that how stinky she is...

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