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Feeling frustrated

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Hey guys


So im still on my first grow with a few different strains and im pulling my hair out.


Ill post a photo of what im dealing with everyday and see if you guys know where this noob is going wrong.


Im critical with my ph levels

Ive used very little to no nutes ( canna a+ b ) 1/4 - 1/8 recomanded strength


Coco plus for medium ( not block - it is a loose bad )


600w hps 2 foot away from the top of tallest plant


So many people have different views on watering coco so ive been just sticking with the when they dry out about 80% then water , works out to be every few days for watering.


Temps and humidity arnt too bad ( 20-27°c) and 40%-60%


18 hours on 6 off.


All new leaf shoots are curling retartedly and every plant is turning yellow , some plants have small dots and stuff but that could have been from nute burn first feed , im more worried about the shitty growth and where they are at for their age.


All the plants are the same age besides the WWXBB and DC


Older plants are 1month 2 weeks old ( bag seeds )


The 2 strains are 3 days old.


The roots are growing heaps quick but nothing above pot.


I havnt transplanted the other guys because i dont wanna keep wasting time and pots on them if i cant fix the bigger guys ( im really old attached to the strains, bag seeds i can do when ever and are free lol )


Please help guys , thought this would be alot more simple then what im making it.


Thanks guys

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I'll assume you are ventilating the tent and that the coco you are using is decent quality pre buffered stuff, so correct me if I'm wrong.  I'm also assuming that the Canna nutes you're using are not the coco specific ones, but even if they are (which they need to be) you need to up the strength for the established plants, and preferably use an EC meter to measure the strength, should be between 1.6-1.9 for the established plants as a rough guide.


The watering when 80% dry should be fine.  Those bigger plants don't need to be potted up yet, I find there's no need until the width of the plant exceeds the width of the pot.  It's impossible to tell any detail with HPS pics like that, though they do look a little like they have suffered from overwatering at some stage.


For now it might be worth giving the established plants a good flush through with PH'd water (about 5.8) and then giving them a proper feed with coco specific nutes.  Then give them a week or so to show new growth to see how they're going.


Best of luck

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over watering - dont feed \ water untill you feel that coco dry for 2-3 inches down min!!


And get those pots off the GROUND! and NEVER let them sit in water or feed. 


Also instead of those stupid PH pens - get ya self the dripper and mix bottle testing kit. So much better and look for the colour of piss for the PH range. 

Did this for my last grow and worked way better then PH pens. 



Good luck. 

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Also instead of those stupid PH pens - get ya self the dripper and mix bottle testing kit. So much better and look for the colour of piss for the PH range. 

Did this for my last grow and worked way better then PH pens. 


Are you crazy ? you can't get an accurate reading from the colour.. eBay PH pen all the way I've just recalibrate mine after 200 days or so and it was only like 0.3 out... best $10 I ever spent.. 



dopedaddy, those plants look very overwatered and under feed hence the nitrogen def showing from the bottom up... watering every 3 days or so is way too much as you have small plants ( not taking a stab ) in big pots. ... chances are if you have developed some rot in the roots causing it to drink slower.. so just get full strength dose of rhizotonic or seasol to help with the roots and feed them at the same time after that don't touch them until like 2 - 3 inches like Razz0r said is dry  and not still damp.. DON'T water if it is.. 


you should see them perk up again once the the roots start drinking again.. try to wait until they start showing you they need a drink.. look up some photo's on googol to get an idea of the difference between over and under watered. :) 



ps.. I feel that you may have upsized your pots too quickly.. 

pps.. the room needs fresh air every 5 mins to replenish the carbon in the room. 


Peace   :afro:



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