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*First Time Grower* 6 Day Old Seedling Color Issue

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First time growing but did a fair amount of research but at this point I want to ensure that I am on the right path. With so many varying opinions from different places its hard for me to just leave my plant alone and let it do its thing. Im second guessing everything and  I may just be overreacting but my question is does the coloration on my second set of true leaves seem normal ?


Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor
Growing Medium: 80% Coco 20% Perlite
Growing Style:
Watering/Feeding Frequency: At this point light Nutes with Cal/Mag everyday
Nutrient Strength (PPM/EC): 490 ppm
PH Levels: 5.8-5.9
Temperature/Humidity Levels: 79-81 F / 45-50 %
Air Flow/Fans etc.: Fan blowing air
Lighting Type (CFL/HPS/MH etc.): LED
Total Wattage: 135W
Growth Stage: Seedling
Plants Age: 6
Cannabis Strain: Auto - Blueberry Kush (Nirvana Seed)





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Thanks for the advice !!...wifey has been saying just "Leave it alone and be patient" but being a first time grower kind of makes that patience part a little difficult. If i could pick your brain about the overwatering bit...I have read that you are suppose to water until run off with coco...I haven't been doing that so far as I assumed that logic wasnt for seedlings in their final destinations but more so for plants that had well established roots. What I have been doing is watering in a small circle around the seedling but not to the point to where I get run off...my question is should i still be watering in a small circle around the seedling but with enough to cause runoff?

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The ideal with coco is to use small pots to start, no bigger than say 100mm, and feed run to waste.  But, after that let the pot dry out a fair bit before feeding again with runoff, not bone dry but 3/4 or so.  The weight of the pot is a good indicator.  The surface of the coco will dry off and look dry, but there will still be moisture underneath, and even if the small root system of a seedling sucks it's immediate area dry the coco will wick the outer moisture back in.  If you keep it constantly wet the roots will effectively drown, but by letting it dry out a bit and then flushing through fresh nutrient solution you allow exchange of oxygen to the rootzone.  Over watering is one of the biggest rookie grower errors, and many of us are guilty of doing it from time to time :whistle: even when experienced.  The small pot helps the plant to use up what's available faster to facilitate the exchange while they don't transpire much, once they fill the small pot with roots it's time to pot up, and once established they start drinking enough to make overwatering hard to do.  Hope that all makes sense.

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Excellent advice from Hashy, but don't let him or others make you more stressed and wondering. Go find a good site (there are plenty out there) that tells you what plant problems are, such as over feeding...ie nute burn or crows feet,  as well other nutrient deficiencies both macro and micro nutrients, over watering and under watering signs, high temperature symptoms. With this invaluable information you will be able to read what your plant is telling you and you can sit back and worry less and spend time with that wife of yours. In this case your seedling looks beautiful and sexy, over watering will show signs by the leaves curling down (the whole leaf to the stem, not crows feet bends that come from too much nitrogen).

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@Sir PyschoHashy...I appreciate all the advice and I think I'm going to let the coco dry out a  little bit more before I water again...For a seedling in a 3 gallon smart pot watering everyday doesn't seem ideal even if it is just 8 oz . The only reason I didn't start in a smaller pot was because I was told/read that when starting with autos its best to go ahead and place the germinated seed in its final destination as transplanting may stunt growth if not done right...


@Naked Monk I have a few sites that I have been using and have been reading Marijuana - Horticulture the Indoor Outdoor Medical Growers Bible...I know experience is the best teacher but its nice to speak with people who have been through it as i know there are a lot of different opinions on the best way to grow. I just try to take the advice given and apply it where it fits my individual grow...Ill be sure to check for the over watering signs and ill see how this seedling responds to not being watered everyday...  

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