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Super lemon haze grow woes

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Indoor/Outdoor: indoor
Growing Medium: 100% perlite
Growing Style: hydro
Watering/Feeding Frequency: every 4 hours for 15 minutes day and night
Nutrient Strength (PPM/EC): week 1 flower atm 1400
PH Levels: 5.7-6.1
Temperature/Humidity Levels: 55% atm as of weather, has been up and down past few days also
Air Flow/Fans etc.: 4 fans big girl exhaust
Lighting Type (CFL/HPS/MH etc.): HPS
Total Wattage: 2800
Growth Stage: week 1 flower
Plants Age: 8 weeks
Cannabis Strain: Super Lemon Haze, OG kush



hey guys, grows been going great up to end of week 1 flower, over the last week though i have noticed the top of my canopy being ravaged by some sort of issue, the red stem looks like a ph issue but my ph has been fine this hole grow, along with my ppm staying the same consistently for over the past month, about a month ago i flushed my plants with Amgrow Fungrarid because i had suspicions of root rot, the plants seemed to kick on fine after that but i feel like this could be a root problem? take a look at the photos as it slowly branch by branch 2 of my plants seem to be getting sicker. red stems, dry leaves, dark green and frilling up on the edges slightly, small brownish spots developing (sorry for lack of consistency in photos some of the canopy is ok some isint) most of my room is looking great but slowly but surely this is ravaging some of my plants from which seems top to bottom. the only problem Ive had in the last week is humidity and temp jumping abit as its got colder and i changed cycles, but ive worked out how to fix it with my heater the past 2 days. also dropped back to straight water ppm tap 240 for the past 24 hours to make sure this wasn't a nute problem (cant see how it could be) also the effected branches tend to droop and the underside of the leaf always goes red along with the stem if you look closely to the photos.


any ideas what this is? is it a root problem, or could it be a unnoticeable pest prob, i doubt its my ph it has been 5.7-6.1 for a long time?

cheers :) just wanna see my lemon babys come to life. also camera is playing up and a photo of some of the healthier branches









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photos dont really to justice, the leaves are dark green and the stems are red,with the underside of the leaves having gone red. droopy with the sides slightly curled, but day by day each branch seems to start to droop and the stems go red and leaves have been really dry and dark green with small brown spots. i noticed this morning my room got down to 16 and the humidity shot up to over 70 which is bad. what kinda problems does high humidity in early flower cause? im going to put my heater on a timer to come on when the lights go off throughout the morning till midday. i still think this is something else though


any1? can try get a clearier photo tonight please help :(

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I'm not sure either, though I have grown super lemon haze and I found it to be a bit fussy, it didn't perform like the superskunks growing along side it. You say your temperature was down to 16, this might be a clue, I'm thinking with that amount of light your temperatures maybe getting pretty high when the lights are on, then when they go off there is too  large differential. This creates humidity as well.  Also as billygoat said how close are your lights ? What is the temperature of your reservoir ?  Some better photo's would help. 

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thanks for the reply, yeah i was told temp not to drop under 19 pref 21-27. when the lights are on its been 26, humidtidy has been no lower than 50 day and night, got up to 70% this morning but i only purchased a weatherboard i could read from outside the room today, its saying right now 21 and 64%, Thats running my heater the last few hours on low because when i woke up this morning it got down to 16 again. do you think that humidity could stress the plant in this way though? my lemons have been really resilient this hole grow i only have 4. 2 of them at the back of the room unaffected so far by the these red branches and dried out leaves. (on the fan leaves sorry not stems). so the conditions have been rough but a few of my plants seem to be fine.. the lights i raised two days ago and now my other plants have stretched to it whilst this to have grown but struggled with drooping leaves dried out. i havent checked my rez temp but i also dont have a airstone in my rez or brain do you think this is defiantly nec? i only have 4 air rings at the bottom of my pots with the roots that have come through. ill take better photos tonight, my phone is just playing up but i only have my sunglasses. also could i be over watering? 15 minute every 3 hours in 100% perlite could this cause them to droop in the dark also?


i know the temps have been abit out the past week but my other plants seem to be ok. i will try raise my lights way up today and see if anything changes. hopefully you guys can take something out of some clearer photos


heres a few photos ive edited to show what im talking about, along with a pic of a healthy lemon coming through my net. plus the leaves which are going straight down, along with dark green and red branch with purple under, this is happening branch by branch.


could this be russet or broad mites? day by day one branch to the next seems to start turning dark green and drooping










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I reckon its temperature related, some clawing going on. I have found that too cold a temperatures too frequent watering and too much fertilizer, especially nitrogen causes this. I still reckon your rez temperature could be a problem. I am no expert on flood and drain as I use coco or rockwool. Much easier especially coco. I don't think its humidity related I am close to the coast and my humidity gets right up into the 80s and I don't have any problems other than a small amount of bud rot, though oscillating fans help. Do you have fans blowing around for air circulation ? When I used to use a reservoir for my rockwool grows I used to use a fishtank heater in my reservoir, and also air stones. I would think this is even more critical with flood and drain. Mites are easy to detect just get a loop or magnifying glass and look under the leaves.   

hope this helps 

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OK I worked it out,i used a 100x scope to see i have lots of eggs over some parts of my canopy with the effected leaves being worse, i am under the impression they are some sort of mite. i cannot see any full grown mites when i look 100x in but i can see the PERFECT circle round eggs. does anyone know what this mystery egg could be? either broad, russter or cyclamen mites. has anyone had any luck treating these week 2 of flower?

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Hermanian also mentioned about the temp of your resovior, if your water is to cold it can make the stems (petioles) go purple can be from lack of nitrogen to. But in flower it's not that important. As for the bugs, it's not really recommended you use sprays to get rid of them. BUT you gotta do what you gotta do some times. If you are going to go that route, maybe try using an organic spray made up of chilli detergent and some oil I believe. It's basically your own white oil.

You want your water temp at 21c

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hello, may be res temps, however cooler res temps are preferred.  it is not ambient temps, i have had the haze grow in 27 day temp and 10 at night, and they are perfect, albeit i used a couple things to keep stretch to a minimum. i may speculate that is it the mites that are causing an issue.  use mite rid, it is organic and only requires 1 foliar application to kill everything eggs and all.  i had a very bad mite infestation week 1 flower too, and pretty much overnight the mites were killed.


at the same time, i wouldnt worry too much man, your plants look nice and green, just let them bud out and you should yield nicely.  if still concerned, flush, change res and give light foliar of nutes and superthrive.  nutes should fix any deficiencies, and st should direct some hormone energy to roots and relieve stress.-- i was in same situation as you in week 1 flower, but because i od on pyrethrum for aforementioned mite problem.  a bit of st and new nutes cured things right up, as well as the 1 dose of mite rid.


hope this helps//

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no stress men, plants look killa will post photo in near future. few more weeks and im ready 2 go :) confident im gonna get the results i was looking for, growing dope slightly easier than i thought, as long as u stress then follow the process the problem usually works out :)

does super thrive bring babys back to looking reasonable healthy if they have gone abit sour in week 1 veg? might go grab some tomorrow.

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