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Sick Autoflower

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Hey guys, 

I've gotten the heat down to a much better range, seems to be sitting in the 24-30 degree range. However one of the thc bombs is feeling a little sick and I can't figure out why... 

Started LST earlier this week and is in its second week of flowering. Soil and perlite mix and feeding with a light dose (15ml/ 9 L)  of Seasol Powerfeed for Tomato's and Vegetables ( the red one). Also just started giving it seaweed and blood and bone (hoping that it would solve some of the easier deficiency problems). The other thc bomb which was planted a week later has no issues and is looking healthy with the same treatment. Only other thing I can think of is a phosphorus deficiency and unfortunately don't have a PH tester right now.  Any suggestions as to what it could be? cheers








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I'll go out on a limb here, so don't hold me to it if I'm wrong.  Quite possibly just damage showing from earlier abuse from high temps and maybe some overwatering, as the newer growth looks fine to my crusty old eyes.  Tips maybe a little pale, but I find that normal during the stretch phase in particular, which she should be in if she's an auto.  Try to relax and let her do her thing whilst keeping an eye out for the problem spreading.

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