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How long can trim/leaf stay in bag before cooking? 1 year?

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Hey guys, i just never got around to cooking last years trim/leaf into oil. Its stayed in a big plastic bag with ventilation on top under my bed for the last 12 months.


Would it be OK to cool this into oil at this point? I usually get water to simmering, melt in the butter, then add in the grinded trim mix, stir it/let it sit for about 6 hours whilst very lightly simmering, then strain, add water, repeat (will need less the second time), then combine water, let it sit in fridge overnight and all the butter will raise to the top of the water, you pull it off with your fingers, clean off the bottom of the butter that was touching the water and your done.


I just want to check to see if this is a dumb idea, i mean i know theres risks with everything and i would have been better off doing it at the start not leaving it... but now that we are at where we are, id like to know.



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You should have no issues as long as there is no mold that has grown.


Weed stored rite can last a long time.


Make ya butter up and try if it works u know all still good if not do anything it was no big loss a few $ for butter and a few hours cooking time, but can see why it shouldent b ok.


Only tip i would give is dont grind up put in as is you will end up with a lot less veg matter through ya butter...

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Due to many harvests each seasons, I've no time to turn the sugar trims and pop corns into edibles or concentrates immediately.

What I did was to dry them in racks, bagged them and stored them in dark place till I'm free to work on them. I reckon they can be stored better

dried as compared to edible or concentrated form, correct me if I'm wrong.

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