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father who gave cancer-stricken daughter cannabis oil avoids jail

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A Queensland father has been handed a two-year good behaviour bond for giving his sick daughter cannabis oil.


The 32-year-old man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, pleaded guilty in Brisbane's Supreme Court to four counts of supplying a dangerous drug to a minor and one count of possessing a dangerous drug.


The court heard the man's daughter was diagnosed with cancer in 2014 when she was two years old.


She was diagnosed with a stage three neuroblastoma and given a 50 per cent chance of long-term survival.


The Supreme Court in Brisbane heard her father had researched the benefits of medicinal cannabis on the internet, and sourced the drug from northern New South Wales and the United States.


He cooked her food in cannabis oil and put the oil into chocolate.


The girl was in Brisbane's Lady Cilento Children's Hospital at Christmas when she ate the food, and her father wrote in text messages of the drug's success in calming her and giving her an appetite where she had not had one.


The Supreme Court heard he had wanted chemotherapy delayed while she had the cannabis oil.


But the girl's mother thought her food smelt funny and confronted her former partner.


The pair had separated after their daughter was born and the court heard the mother remained traumatised over the use of medicinal cannabis.


Charges compromised man's Blue Card status, lost him his job


In sentencing, Justice Peter Flanagan said the circumstances of the case were sad and unusual.


"It is a case that I have not previously encountered," Justice Flanagan said.


"What you did, no matter how much you believed in the positive effects, was both wrong and illegal and certainly in circumstances where it was done without reference to the doctors treating your daughter.


"One can't look into the future to see if it [cannabis] one day might be legal — for now it remains an illegal act."


He handed the father a two-year good behaviour bond with no conviction recorded.


The court heard the man worked as a primary school IT worker for 12 years and had glowing references about his decency, integrity, patience and participation.


However, the charges had compromised his status as a Blue Card holder and his employer had been forced to sack him.


He was noted to be remorseful and had declared he would not give his daughter more cannabis.


The Supreme Court was told that doctors said the drug had neither harmed nor benefited the child, who remains in hospital receiving more treatment.


Legislation has been released for public consultation in Queensland which would allow medicinal cannabis products to be prescribed and dispensed to patients in the state

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even if it is a "harmful substance".. the doctors have said she has a 50% survival rate.. whats the harm in giving her cannabis.


her mother is one of the brain washed people of our time.


im glad the judge gave him minimal sentence. . the good behaviour bond.. and no criminal charge. . that gives me a little hope for our future.

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kindve bitter sweet ....


Yeah ive always wondered about the train of thought required to come to the conclusion that its acceptable to give somebody dieing of cancer cannabis, somebody fragile/frail .... somebody who cant consume anything that could potentially harm their immune system/health in ANY way .... but to give somebody healthy cannabis, oh no....... heretical .... defies logic and basic reasoning.... if its tolerable to allow somebody dieing with cancer to consume cannabis why would it not be tolerable for somebody that is healthy to consume cannabis ? If it is such a troublesome plant why should it be tolerable to give those suffering with cancer something that could potentially affect their health / well-being?


ALL cannabis consumption is medicinal! there are no exceptions.

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Legalise Cannabis’ supporters cheer Queensland dad’s cannabis oil case ruling ‘Legalise Cannabis’ supporters cheer Queensland dad’s cannabis oil case ruling 


Cannabis legalisation supporters would love this. When the dad of a two and a half year old daughter was caught giving cannabis oil to his daughter, in the hope it would cure her from an aggressive stomach cancer, everybody thought he would be convicted and punished.


However, his case was vigorously supported by “legalise marijuana” supporters. Even the court appreciated the desperation of a parent to cure a child of a life-threatening medical condition.

 Australia Legalise Cannabis The 32-year-old father from Cairns, whose name has been withheld because of legal reasons, was released on a good behaviour bond after he pleaded guilty in the Brisbane Supreme Court. Apparently, he used cannabis oil in the child’s food in December 2014.


The mother of the child had confronted the father after she found the food smelling and tasting funny for a few days. The father had been dosing the toddler for a few days after he read up on cannabis and also heard about its good effects from others. He wanted to delay the little girl’s chemotherapy.

According to 9News, the father ordered cannabis online from California and Northern NSW and was sure that the drug was having positive effects on his child. Shortly afterwards he was caught. Prosecutor Glenn Cash said that the cannabis oil did not have any positive or harmful effect on the child. It only increased the child’s appetite and made her feel sleepy.


Even though the father did something illegal, Justice Peter Flanagan decided to not record a criminal conviction as the father had a genuine belief that the cannabis oil could cure his daughter. Moreover, the father also lost his 12 year job once he was charged as he could no longer hold a blue card.

Flanagan sentenced the man to a two-year good behaviour bond and did not even implement a community service order. When the father left court, he was madly cheered by “legalise cannabis” supporters. The dad said he was happy that all of this was over and he could see his daughter again.

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9 May 2016 - 6:00pm






Cannabis oil dad confirms girl's death



A three-year-old Queensland girl given cannabis oil by her father in 2014 to treat aggressive stomach cancer has died.


The man, who was fined in Brisbane's Supreme Court in March, has posted on his Facebook page that his daughter passed away "peacefully" early on Monday morning.


The 32-year-old man pleaded guilty to supplying the drug by cooking it into her food in December 2014, but testified he thought it would help cure the child.

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