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First Grow - Guidance needed!

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Hi Guys


Hope all is well.


This is my first grow. Currently have one sativa dominant & Indica dominant in flowering (outdoors)

Im using Canna A+B, Cannazyme, & Bio Diesel (My hydro guy highly recommended this product as a cheaper alternative to Canna Boost)

Has anybody used Bio Diesel before? If so, should I be running it when i flush? Canna Boost is used when flushing but this is a complete different product. 


My indica dominant (Im guessing) has been flowering since circa 22nd of December.

Im starting to stress as I'm not vividly seeing the signs of ripeness other than the browning of hairs?


Could you guys please have a look and determine how long they have left?


Thanks for taking the time in assisting me!!!!


You guys are awesome. 





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I don't know much about the products you mentioned but you are flushing? You are trying to flush any excess nutrient or salt build up in the medium so i don't think you need to run it when flushing.


Its hard to say regarding harvest time from your pics.. Those pics look like small lower buds.. The very last pic she doesn't look ready...  Best way to tell is with a magnifying glass or jewelers loupe. Look at the the trichomes not so much the hairs.. They start off clear and then go clear white, then amber, then brown.  You want to harvest when you start to see them turning amber..

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Hi Budding & Billygoat.


Thanks for the reply.

I have heard growers can run canna boost when flushing to retain its flavour. Not sure if this is correct?


I will be ordering a Loupe tomorrow!! hopefully it doesn't take forever to arrive.

*When using a magnifying glass, if i looked at a section of the plant and the crystals were roughly 75% amber, would this be sufficient to deem the whole plant is ripe or just that particular section I magnified.


I have attached a few more photos. 


I hope this helps


Thanks guys.









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Based on those new pics i would say its got a bit to go just yet.  Perhaps another month but that is just based on what i can see..No yellow leaves either. Very nice healthy plants by the way :)


If you are looking at the top half of the plant and most of the buds have 75% amber trichomes then yes it would be well and truly ready.

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Thanks for the responses, much appreciated!!!


Grow medium is coco. 5L Pots!!!!


These plants seem to absolutely love the Canna Nutrients. From the minute i started using it they haven't seemed to stop growing.

The Cannazyme by Canna especially, instant leaf & branch growth. Highly recommend.


I began germinating the seeds around Septembre 27.


Topped them once each. At least 4 main colas per.


Anybody else from Melbourne having problems with White flies? 

Little freaking annoying pests!



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