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backyard grow sydney during winter?

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wondering if its possible to grow marijuana in winter in sydney? outdoor obviously.. or is it too cold? will the pant flower seeing as though the days will get longer instead of shorter? thanks

you can keep one going through winter as ozzy says. but i would not start a plant in those conditions there is no way it will survive as a young plant.


same here when i lived in sydney i would would get them to go through winter outdoors. as i never bought seeds back then haha. they would turn purple then black and the south side of the plant will probably die off, but if you can keep it in a corner away from the elements as much as possible it should make it.


as i said above you cant start it during winter. wait until the last of sydneys cold has finished, i used to start a week before fathers day. grow her all year. and then try to get her through next winter after you have harvested.

just remember not to harvest everything she is gunna need alot of leaves to get her through winter. its a tough haul.

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