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Isolated Fertlization

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really, that sounds amazing, I only posted this as a long shot thinking it would not work and once a female is fertilized then all buds would turn to seed. Well if this is not the case then I will definitely give it a go soon as I would love a bag of seeds to put away for the future, cheers!

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i have just done a partial pollination..


get your plant.. an put a paper bag over part you do not want pollinated.


then lightly dust the exposed part of the plant.


leave it for 24hr


after the 24hrs spray it down with water so the pollen is no longer viable.. and remove the paper bag.


hopefully if done properly you will have a half pollinated plant.. but still some unpollinated bud to try aswell.



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OK I will give this a go soon. I have my small personal grow in late flowering now (first grow for years). I have 3 plants that are at this stage now and they are different strains and some are going to take longer to flower. I might just try it with the last one I will harvest once the others are harvested just to make sure they all don't get messed up. I will do this with other plants in the future to get a few strains and mixed strains to seed as I will travel in future and it will be good to have some seeds to start again when i return.


Do they have to be at a certain stage in flowing to fertilize, I will try it when they are in very late flowering stage?

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