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nitrogen toxicity

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hey guys,

just wondering have found that my girls have become nitrongen toxic.This is my first grow ever, im in a 1x1 tent using a mars2 1600w led, growning in clay with a ring drip system, with 2 bag seeds plants, about 5 weeks into 12/12. pretty much just doing this run to learn as much as I can before I get into my own house and can do it properly with clones. which will be in a few months. ok so I'm using tap water but the water straight out of the tap is reading 1.6 ec. quite high ay?i noticed the other day the leaves were starting to curl down and become claw like..i had the olds come over for a few days  (they don't know about it and wouldn't appove haha) so, drained the tank and put just straight water in it hopeing that in 3 days once the olds had gone theyd be good. no. when I got to them they were worse. pretty much all the leaves on both plants have turned into chrispy claws. after a lot of searching I concluded that I have nitrogen toxic plants. leaves are dark green and crispy with the tips sorta burned and the claw look. because I don't have an ro filter which I know I need, I decided to buy enough bottled water to fill my tank and flush them with that. so now I have an ec of 0.5 not using any nutes yet and  ph of 5.7. hoping this will flush the nitrogen out enough for the plants to recover. also should I get rid of all the leaves that have curled down? I have got rid of most of the larger ones, just wondering if I should hack the rest.

thanks heaps guys

I'm trying to upload a pic but it doesn't seem to wanna work

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Should work if you add the pic as an attachment.


That tap water sounds toxic. It may not even be nitrogen toxicity, with an ec that high who knows what is in your water.


I believe there are nutrients developed to use with hard water but since my water is fine I don't know more than that.

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Hey guys they looking much better now using bottled water . All the new growth isnt curling and it using heaps of water 10 to 15 litres every 2-3 days. What ph would you recommend? Im running 5.7 cause ive read thats the best for nute lookout. Also what book would you recommend like a bible? There are plenty on the net but unsure which one to get..


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