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plants wont flower


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Anybody encountered strains that are reluctant to start flowering?

I have 2 'what i believe to be' sativa dominant strains' growing in dwc had 4 weeks veg. Have been in 12/12 cycle for 3.5 weeks and not showing any sings of flowering. They are in a 4x4 grow tent with a 600w hps. Ph is 6.5 average temp is 29c and humidity sits around 37-42%. They all apear healthy but just wont seem to flower. No light leaks in dark period either.

Anybody else had any plants do this?

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how sure are you re light leaks , cheap tent or decent one

have you sat in the tent for 10 - 15 min at lights out to let your eyes adjust 

silver ducting can be almost see though with day light coming in one end 

what times are dark cycle 

got a plant pic


I've had 2 grows with light leaks so will always be suspect of that in your type of situation 

the guys could be right , just strain but i would be double checking for leaks


If it is light leak you are lucky cause by the sound of it the plant has not flowered ,

if it had & then you have a leak then ya stuffed  


I also think , how the plant has been treated can slow progress & run a strain longer than advertised 

hope it's just a strain that takes it's time to get going 

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I think if you can get the temp down bit, 29 degrees are summer temp. Plants need to believe there coming in to winter. Growing in the uk I don't have so much trouble with the heat. I run 2, 600 hPs in 6 inch cool tubes, in 1.5 / 2m room. Temp with lights on 27 degrees night time temps around 20degrees. I bought a product before called bud blood which claimed to help start flowering? After 3 weeks of 12/12 they should have doubled in size and be showing bud. I think you need some cool air. [emoji6]
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