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Cure flower enhancer

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sounds like a ferment of something , gypsum would be one ingredient guess 

don't know just guessing

love the price

  • Enhances trichome & flower structure
  • Preserves natural oils and aromas
  • Improves flower quality
  • Increases end yields
  • Increases shelf life
  • Inhibits oxidation
  • Easy and safe to use  
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I just read through that entire thread..certainly that’s very different info than what I’ve been given in the shops about cello bind…hence I've never bought it. Now I'm thinking otherwise.


This issue is shops here are clearly incentivised to sell it as a weight increaser and so not telling people it should be diluted out at the same rate they are doing it there in the US.. prob cos most of the customers in western syd dont give a flying fuck about volatile oil / terpenes preservation. I dont even think my hydro guy would know what a volatile is!


The yanks are generally more into the sciencey med hype. It borders on a cult. Surprising the pitiful yields they get over there make em appear as if theyr 10 years behind us lol.

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