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Harvesting & Curing Talk

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Thanks Itchy, once I got past the American accent this was great listening. This guy just gave my drying practice a big tick. I harvest in morning, hang whole plant upside down with shade leaves and slow dry. I take longer at around 10-14 days.


My shed was built by me and has no prior contamination, but I still washed down the whole area with a very weak bleach solution.


I use a fan to move air and a heater to lift temp if needed but I its never over 25 in there, as it has insulated walls and roof.


Also he mentioned exactly what I did last year, with clean garbage bins of water with wet towels hung from ceiling into the water to re balance the moisture as my trimming was slower than the drying and I had some plants hanging for a few months.


My buds are plump and look like a flower still with no crushing and if I carry a bagged bud into a room it can be smelt from the other side no problem. The smell is overwhelming.


Very interesting about turps and THC and perceived potence. My Old Toby and Wizz Fizz really got a near perfect end to the season last year and it shows in the flavour and everyone here I have shared it with are smashed hard on it. 


I got some other plants that didn't peak in the grow and were hung to long ( can only trim so fast ) and it really shows up what this guy was saying, little smell and I wont smoke it.


I wonder why some buds on here look so brown, lost the oils and poorly dried.


Cheers mate excellent info on a subject everyone can improve on.

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Yes mate your thinking is similar to mine 


very interesting how long bad things hang about  ( cannabis is a sponge ) & why you should avoid there use & look at other ways like using beneficials & increasing brix 

it makes a good reason to ask where your inputs come from , cos you could be as organic as you like but use an input that's

been sprayed with some of this shit & now your smoking something that you have almost no control over avoiding , i say almost 

cos you can always ask the question & take your purchasing else where 

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