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Holiday Clone watering ideas please...

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We need to go away urgently and have about 9 health clones that just rooted only 2 days ago.


They are in rockwool sitting on top of perlite.


Does anyone have a suggestion on how to keep them watered for about 6 days max. 5 days more likely...?


I was thinking either a Bubble Cloner, but then the water level would drop? or not that quickly?


Or, Blumats with coco, then wash the coco off when back from being away?



Cheers for any suggestions...


Btw i do have either H&G coco or Canna Aqua nutes, so could set up either way, as long as i dont have to buy too many things..


Cheers ;)

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What lighting are they under? how hot, if you can rig up an enclosed area and bump the humidity up, with a large enough water supply sitting in the enclosed area the humidity should keep them good for 9 days

cheers for that Franky, yeah they are under the 400w LED, so not much heat and about 30 inches away.... could i just fill the clone tray with about an inch of water, so only half the perlitre is under water and put the dome on with the air vents open and take away the heating mat?? they will be in the same tent as the mother plants which will be on blumat since hey are in coo already, but im not sure what i want to do with the clones yet, so didnt really wanna put them in coco.....

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