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desperately in need of help!

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Hey Dux, Welcome to OS


Cloning from a plant already in flower can be a problem, especially deep into flowering. To get them to grow they need to revert back into their grow cycle (18/6). This can be very stressful on the plant and I have, in the past, had them turn hermie in doing so. I now take clones prior to turning 12/12 to avoid this. Another thing I have done previously is to allow the plant to flower (12/12), harvest, then turn it back to grow (18/6). Once the regrowth has established, then take clones. This way I was not stressing out a clone that is trying to establish itself by also being in flower.


Hope it helps


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Bit late to the party but here's a current effort from just over a month into flowering that's only just rooted a few days ago.



I've taken cuts from plants way more into flowering that were essentially a bud on a stick before just to see if it's possible to get them to root and it is but the longer you leave it the worse your results will be.

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