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Budget greenhouse/seed germinator

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Hi all,


I am new to the forum and I thought with Spring on the way this would be a good first post.  This is somthing I used last year and it worked very well, I grew all my herbs and chillis from seed using this method.  It is great to allow seeds and seedlings to spend some time outdoors before potting or transferring to the garden beds.  I only have room for 1 Cannabis plant so I have germinated it along with my herbs and chillis for this year.  Those with larger operations may find it useful to get your seeds going very cheaply.


But as a first time grower I don't know if there are any ill effects from starting a seedling in the natural cycle of the sun then moving it to a controlled environment of a grow room with artificial lighting.  Any comments on this would be welcome.


All you need is 1, 2 or more polystyrene boxes.  The kind they use in fish markets or better still the ones the light and easy meals are delivered in.  And a sheet of glass or clear plastic, frosted will work fine as well.


The setup is simple;


1. Clean the box and cut some V shaped notches in top of the sides to allow a bit of airflow.

2. Put a few inches of potting mix in the bottom.

3. Use your finger to create a shallow trough from front to back.

4. Put the seeds in the trough, cover and water.  Dont forget to lable each row.


Then put the glass on top and leave in a spot that gets as much sun as possible throughout the day.  The glass raises the temperature inside and the polystyrene acts as an insulator retaining the heat.  This is great for the month before Spring to get a head start on planting.  Even if the temperature drops the seeds and shoots inside are protected sufficiently for them to survive and grow.


I have also used peat pellets and I don’t see why you can’t use Rockwool as well. 


The photo attached shows both the soil method and the peat pellets.  And yes, the small shoot in the peat pellet is my cannabis plant.  I plan to move it to the grow room when it is strong enough.  I will update in the Grow Room forum when I do move it.


I would love to know what you think of this and if there are any drawbacks, improvement of tips any experienced growers can offer.





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