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Seeds to perth

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Hi was wondering has anyone ordered seeds online to there grow address and still been safe. Im looking at ordering from herbies but currently growing in shed and wondering if its still safe to order seeds to this address or is it too risky, whats the worse that could happen?

Any info would be great.

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I've made orders to my grow address(mainly because I have no other place to send them, I would if I did though) with perfect success(my experience is just that and should be used as a guide) I'm in WA.

I think wannagrowbuds is on the spot with it, paranoia is an infection, don't catch it!


From all I've ever read and heard, you have to be really unlucky to get raided for seeds(unless it's hundreds of them, then that's a totally different ballpark)

It may happen but so could a 747 engine happen to crash through your roof, I personally try not to worry about such things, have a bowl and chill :P

If it really worries you, just use an alternate address :)

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If they're stopped you'll receive a letter from customs advising you they found an illegal item and that you have so much allotted time to prove you have permission and collect it or it's destroyed, if you were a repeat offender(or it was alot of seeds) they'll alert the local detectives and they'll probably come give you a few words about importation(this does happen and is more likely than being raided)

Since you grow in the shed(like myself) it's usually enough distance from the house that no sounds or smells make it over and it'll go unnoticed if you get a visit, just remember to keep your cool and be respectful and they shouldn't give you a hard time(should it ever happen)


I advise reading up on local law surrounding cannabis cultivation and your rights(if you haven't already) that info will be extremely helpful in the horrible event you do get raided.

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Customs rarely send out letters anymore

If your seeds are stopped by customs and there are just a few, customs destroys the seeds, and nothing further happens.


The more seeds there are, the greater the chance of getting a visit


Many years ago, I ordered seeds to my house, first shipment of seeds were confiscated - the resend made it through.

No letter, no visit, nothing.

sometimes it's what you have to do...

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