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Male or Female?

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Hi all, 

I can't seem to attach photos to a post so I am posting here with a link to my gallery, I have 4 plants and am hoping I can get help with some sexing! Im 100% sure one of them is female, happy days! :D

Thanks! any help would be appreciated!
How long can you leave a male before it drops pollen? I will get rid of them as soon as I'm 100% sure its male, just curious. 


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Thanks Naycha! I thought as much, the 'probably male' one is so much taller than the others, about double in size, I have tied it down to keep the light level even, but so much taller. 

Ill give the other one a few more days to show its true colors :) 


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Thanks Jester, I have an Olympus OMD eM5. Few years old now but still takes quality pics! The kit lens comes with a macro setting which is perfect for this kind of photography, I love it. First grow so I can't wait to take some pics of close up buds and see that frostyness nice and close
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