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Bore Water. Anyone know of problems?

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Hi everyone,


This is my first grow, im having major fluctuations in my PH.


In 24 hrs after PHing my rez it drops from 5.8 to 4.5 up to 5.0! Big Drop!! 


I use bore water, its clean tho, bottle worthy and is PH 5.9 and EC 0.3 consistantly.


Anyone had experience with bore water before? just wondering if there are some elements that could be messing with everything.


Please also have a look a my grow journal, https://cannabis.community.forums.ozstoners.com/topic/74254-first-time-indoor-cabinet-grow-80w-cfl-veg-250w-hps-flower/  to see how i have my recirc system set up. Its basic but i have all 3 plants in the 1 grow tub :( my mistake... I am new and didnt plan at the start so i have things set up a little shitty but want to see it through. plants are now 7 and a bit weeks from seed and pre flowering like crazy.


the plants look good overall but adjusting the PH so much is a annoying and i want to find the problem.


Thanks for any of your help.

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mateeeeeeeeeee, stop fucking obsessing, if the plants are ok, well then what, it's only numbers in your head, just keep on keeping on, nothings fucked up,chill out.i have used bore water outdoor in SA with no problem, how ya think all the big mallee crops are grown::::: bore water.

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not obsessing, just seeing if anyone that isnt following my diary out there knows what the issue is. i know my plants look healthy but not many people have a huge drop like me every 24 hrs so i just want to learn what the problem may be as ive never done hydroponics before let alone even seen a setup. i think im doing quite well for my first attempt.



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In regards to bore water, so many differences that is hard to give you specific instructions. But if it can be bottled, and comes out with that ec and ph i want to move to where you are, because that is pretty much like my tap water haha

lol plenty of land up here for sale mate :P

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Also i forget to mention above, that if you really want to know what's happening with your bore water you will need to send if off for an analysis imo.


But I have never used bore water in hydro, only on plants grown in containers. I can't really attest to the effect it will have on your hydro system.

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