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Green and Yellow.

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Hi all..this is my first post and my first grow, it is just a small indoor grow under led grow lights,i spent a bit more money and bought good quality lights and good quality soil mixed with perlite and coco husk,the problem is the plants seem to be growing slow and some leaves are turning yellow,i have been watering with nothing but fishtank water every 3-4 days but i have used a little worm poo liquid fertilizer. i have put a photo of a couple of leaves if anyone can shed some light on what im doing wrong, it would be greatly appreciated.thanks Mark..


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Im an outdoor grower myself but I watch a guy called mr tight on youtube. I remember he had problems with his LEDS burning his leaves in the early development stages & it looked a bit like yours there. He ended up Jacking his light up to rectify the problem. As I said I have no experience growing indoor myself but just throwing it out there. Heres a deficiencies pic I picked up somewhere here on the boards but none of them look like that. My guess is the light is too close. Hopefully an indoor grower will chime in soon but Ive noticed theres not a lot of love for LEDs around here.


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Cheers for the reply Rickshaw, i did have a bit of a look at that defiencies chart before i posted because none of the pics looked like my leaves,its a real bummer i thought i would put some seeds in a pot ,water it, and it would grow, but i seem to be having some problems.anyway its still growing so i will try some different stuff and see how it goes.thanks again..: )

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It looks like a nutrient deficiency to me because of the way discolouration is consistent from tip to petiole in every leaf.


I've always grown in soil, so I can't help much with individual nutrient deficiencies -- Regardless my advice is to broaden your use of fertilisers.


Tank water and worm juice are always great IMO. But get your self a complete fertiliser. You can tweak it from there next grow..


If you're ok with spending extra like you did on lights, get some CANNA brand - it's a good quick fix.


OR better yet enter the rabbit hole of soil building and see where it leads you.

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