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What is wrong with my plants?

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Hey west, the photo you attached didn't attach. To give you any idea I'd need to have a pic. But presently it'd all be guessing. For example, yellow dots could be mites which you can spray for, or it could be white fly which you'd use a different spray for. The yellowing and dying off of leaves can all so be a number of things from the age of the growth to a nutrient deficiency and a number of things in between, so to be honest we need those pics.

To post a pic, click in the 'reply to this topic' box below. Below the right hand corner is a tab 'More reply options' Click it. Scroll down that page and below you will see a box with 'Attach Files' above it. Press 'Browse...' and search thru your drives to find the pictures you want to post. Double click on the pic and it will be dsplayed in the 'Attach Files' box. Press the 'Attach This File' button below the box and give it a couple of minutes to download the desired file.

The file will now be displayed beneath the dialogue box. Place your cursor in the dialogue box, then click 'Add to post' to the right of the downloaded image.

It will now be posted in the dialogue box. Do a bit of a write up in the dialogue box explaining the image and your concern. Then scroll to the bottom of the page and press "Add Reply".

Your images will then be posted.

Sorry its a bit of a long winded explanation, but that's what ya do


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There are quite a few different products used to kill/control spidermites. What ever you use you will need to spray several times, a few days apart to breaking the breeding cycle and aim to spray most of your chosen solution on the under side of the leaves where the mites live. One last thing... try not to spray your flowering tops...


My choice is Eco Oil (lowest toxicity, BFA registered), but as I said there is a plethora of products on the market... use the search function (top right corner, below your username) or web search for other products.

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Hey West,

Those spots on the leaves look very much like spider mite damage. Spider mites are tiny little bugs and they like the cooler more temperate area to hide. If you turn the leaf over and inspect the underside with a magnifying glass you may see them. Now there is a spray called miticide which needs a couple of applications a week apart to kill them off, but being that your plant is in Flower, adding moisture is not a good idea, it can encourage mould. Also most chemicals have a waiting period after application so that any residue is broken down, so spraying late in flower may not give enough time for this breakdown to occur. You could use a more natural based product such as pyrethrum spray, made from dandelions, but it may need more than two applications to actually knock the little buggas off and again this product does have a waiting period but being that it isn't chemical based but natural, the waiting period is not as long.

If you do decide to spray, remember to spray the underside of the leaves as the little buggas do like to hide.


Hope it helps


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this dude uses the American sort of equivalent of neem oil or eco oil, or a mix of a few. just make sure to cover under all foliage and redo another 2 times or they might reinfest again.


and its safe to use in flower as its organic. spray just after lights out to avoid burning leaves and raising the humidity too much, by the time the lights come back on it will have absorbed or dried off with your ventilation.

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