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Please Help big problem

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Hi guys need some urgent help what is wrong with this plant. Plant was very healthy then over the last two weeks have noticed alot of things happening to the leaves. Here are some pics. The leaves are all sort of limp now...


Any help appreciated. I have just swapped from a veg fertilizer to a flowering one by yates.



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not enough info but...


are you seeing white small moth-like things in your yard?

 that could be responsible for those holes


and a possible nutrient burn


why did you switch to flower? are your plants in flower or just pre flowers?

(the plants pictured are not in flower)

how much you feeding them and how often?


are they in ground or pots? what medium? coco? soil?


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Thanks for the reply. It is in a large pot with soil. I have noticed a white moth on it a few times but i just flick it off. If it is a white moth how would i stop it from eating it? I am a newbie to growing but have been doing alot of research. It just has me stumped how I can fix these problems? Would it be spider mites? I noticed a lady beetle on the leaves and i read they eat spider mites?


I thought it may be a overdose of nitrogen thats why i switched to a flower fertilizer. I also thought it was in flower as it is producing white hairs??


I feed the plants once a week with fert yates thrive. I put in one heaped spoonfull to 4.5 litres of water just like the packet says.Here is another pic.


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Hey Soch2


She looks ok your baby, bit of insect damage but your going to get that outdoors. The white moths could be cabbage moths and these lay eggs which produce green caterpillars who will happily munch away on you plant,  You can get a spray, Dipel, to deal with them or simply pick them off. Have you Checked the NPK of your thrive? For flowering you really don't want large amounts of Nitrogen but lots of Potassium(K)


She looks like she is has the normal start of yellowing when they flower. If your really concerned then I would get an all purpose bug spray and give your baby a once all over spray. I would stop the ferts and give plain PH'ed water for a couple of feeds to flush her out and then start adding the nutes back in at half strength.


Have you checked you PH levels?


They can take a fare amount of abuse before they pack up and die and yours looks a fair way off anything like that. :)

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Appreciate the replys guys. Yes the yates flowering fert has alot of potassium and the nitrogen is half the strength of the one i was using. I have not checked the ph of the soil as I am trying to save costs.


When you say PH ed water where do i get that from? I have just been using tap water. Should i be using rain water?


Cheers guys if anyone has more info and can help me that would be great.

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Hey Sohc,

When we talk of pH adjusted water it is straight water, preferably from the tap, with the pH adjusted to around 5.5 to 6.5. I say preferably tap water as tap water contains salts that your plant can survive on. Rain water does not contain these salts. Most nutrient mixes recommend using tap water as the mixes they make take in to account the salts already present in tap water. As for your pH adjustment your local hydro store or aquarium shop have two different liquids available, one being pH up the other being pH down, you add them to your nutrient, drop by drop to adjust your pH to the desired level. If you pH is too high or too low certain nutrients are not available for the plant to absorb, there is a chart in Cannaversity (tab at the top of the page) that shows which nutrients are affected and the optimum level of pH for nutrient availability.



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Tap water should be fine. Just leave it in a bucket for a day or more to evaporate the chlorine that's found in water. If you have tank water, better again.


When you put your soil together did you add lime? If so, that will stabilise your ph. Really you shouldn't need to get too caught up in your ph of water for outdoors. Unless there's something out of whack with your water or your soil. A lot of outdoor people don't get too caught up on the ph. Yes it's important but not the be all and end all. Hydro however is a different story.


Have a look for munched leaves. Under them will be green caterpillars. They won't kill your plant just eat the leaves. You can pick them off. But outdoors your gonna get bugs. Good bugs and bad bugs.


A good soaking of neem oil is good for all sap eating bugs. Make sure you get righ under the leaves as that's where the bugs tend to hang out. Neem oil is organic and healthy for humans (though it's not stated on the pack for Australia - long story) it suppresses their appetite and they die of hunger. And doesn't kill the good bugs like praying mantis and lady bugs.


Your plant looks generaly ok. So don't get to worried. A lot of new growers over analyse things and end up doing more damage than if they just let her go.


Next season, get rid of that black plastic pot and get yourself a good light coloured ceramic, concrete or terracotta pot. Your soul and roots will thank you for it. Black plastic is cheap shit nurseries use and can get very hot. Jeopardising your root system.


Good attempt for your first grow. Well done. Love and learn. That's what it's about. With a nice reward for all your effort at the end of the season.

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