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Adding Co2 Using Online Calculators?

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im thinking if i can come up with the $600 im going to think about adding Co2 for my flowering period but im having difficulties using the online Co2 calculators, does anyone know how to calculate how much Co2 is needed in litres?


im on this site https://hydrofarm.com/resources/co2calc.php


i punch in 4.5x4.5x8 foot as a rough estimate of my new tent (1.4x1.4x2m)


desired Co2 levels 1500PPM


its saying i will need 0.2 cubic foot per hour that equils 5.66 litres per hour now looking at Co2 cylinders there is one on ebay 9kg holds 6 litres if im correct that cylinder will last 1 hour? how does this work?


the whole imperial to metric has me confused, should i just think about running constant Co2 with constant venting and placing the Co2 hose behind the circulation fan?


if this would work better im assuming i would need some type of bubble trap regulator or something along those lines to count the bubbles of Co2 emmited?


this whole Co2 thing ive never worked out

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ok i think i worked it out using online calculators im absolutely shit house at maths


i need 0.2 cubic foot per hour of Co2, a 6 litre capacity tank should do 580 hours or 6 weeks flower in my 1.4x1.4x2m tent


fuck what a mission to work this out u need to be a genius


this is based on 15/45, 15mins exhaust fan off, 45mins exhaust fan on


unsure how long the Co2 needs to be releasing? possibly a quick dump over a couple minutes behind a circulation fan im thinking


pricing the equipment is not as much as i originally thought

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yeah i cant even find the old style regulators for sale in australia online seems they have all been taking off the shelf possibly? i can only find ones worth $700+ and thats just for the regulator,solenoid and gauges which the old style ones were worth $150


i tried ebay but can only find US models and to piece one together i cant find the ball flow meters only the dial meters


fuck seems like technology in Co2 has sky rocketted in the last 10 years everything is all high tech now with automatic PPM readers and adjusters bugger!


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