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Lights to help outdoor flower or no?

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If you were trying to get the most out of your plant, do outdoor growers ever supplement their plants with lights?  Would hooking up a LED Flowering grow light 135-watt be a big benefit?  Or would a light addition to a flowering plant put it back into vegetative state because of the light / darkness ratio changing?  When would you apply the light if it was a good addition, anyone experimented with this?  Feel free to tell me i'm dreaming, literally new to this and started v late in the season just trying to yield something...


Cheers all


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Hey Tea


Experimenting with something similar at the moment. Clones taken from Early Durban(Male) and Diesel (Female) very late...26 Jan.  I am on day 2 of 18/6 veg. 12hrs in sunlight 6 hrs under 2 x 24watt CFL's . If I let these clones just go they will immediately go into flower and they are tiny and just getting their first set of new leaves. I am going to keep this 18/6 up until mid to late march and hopefully what will happen is that they will happily veg on. The male I will let go in a separate area until it produces seed..(don't know if clone seed are any good..guess I will find out) I don't think I should have any real problems because the lighting is supplementing the sunshine and not the other way round. I have heard of growers talking about "hardening off" indoor plants to  go outdoors but I don't expect this to be an issue.


Here is the rig I put together for a total cost of only the globes...


post-52663-0-18290500-1423777862_thumb.jpg Have made a couple of minor changes since this photo but you get the idea. 


I am sure someone has done the same thing for flowering in fact if I change out the globes and maybe add a few more I could flower in this as well...If I can get the plants to a 3-4 nodes of growth before I let it flower then I may even get a reasonable yeild. This is all conjecture on my part but given another week and I should be able to see some real growth (if its working)

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Cool man thank you for the insight. Hope it works out for you max.


Problem I see is that I'm pretty sure my plant has begun to flower. Lots of little white hairs established.


If I supplemented an LED flower light for like 4 hours every day from sunset, would that force the plant back into veg and ruin the budding? I don't know much about playing with plant cycles.


Thanks for the reply.

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With Photo period plants they start to flower when the sunlight gets to around 12 hrs a day  or less so my GUESS is that so long as you gave it no more than 12hrs sunlight/LED total. Then it shouldn't go into veg... If you are down to really low hours of sunlight and then suddenly add a heap of hours under the lights then you would expect it to start to veg again...don't know this for a fact but it seems logical when you consider if you under lights flowering then its 12/12...

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