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newbie with sick seedlings

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hi guys just wondering if these look like I've over watered? im letting the soil dry up atm these where doing great outside then my led ufo came since bringing them inside they went yellow there not a nice green any more.

I've been popping them outside for the day.

there 3weeks old and have halted growth for the last two weeks.



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Can't tell from the pics that much but after they first sprout they will go through what appears to be a dormant period, where in actual fact they are getting ready to "get the show on the road" so to speak. As far as the lights go I can't help(don't use lights) but if your not sure get it out in the sun till you can figure the light out.If you are referring to the very first sets of "leaves" then it is normal for them to die off once new leaves and nodes appear. A bit more info about the plant,medium,lighting, ferts, soil and grow style will help in diagnosis

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