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Two men dead after smoking Synthetic Cannabis

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What kind of Looney Tune do we live in .... fair dinkum , apparentley up in nth Qld. pple on life support and a coupla dudes dead with some synthetic 'marijuana' .. fuck i hate that word!

'marijuana' is a derogatory term/label for Cannabis. the first anti-cannabis laws were directly targeted at the term 'marijuana', something the Mexicans brought with them as they fled the Mexican Revolution of the early 1900s and flooded into America ...


so, back to the Cartoon we live in , It is now the case that legal*, (well its legal in some place) synthetic weed has killed people left, right and center .. indiscriminate unnecessary deaths of aussies who just wanted to relax and pass a joint, but, No! .. Nature's cannabis is still illegal and jail-able offense , so nefarious types experiment with designer chemical-cocktails sprayed on some herb as a delivery agent, to service a huge demand in the market for Cannabis.

You all know, Im preaching to the converted .. I'm just so f*#%ing exasperated with the way this Prohibition is now  indirectly killing people .. and for what .. for money, the greed for money even if a few people along the way get killed

someone should have to answer for the wrongs that have been imposed upon the people


hey, were's nick bingham now .. pulling out all Nature's non-killing harmless 'marijuana' on the coast ... someone should do him a favour and pull his head out of his arse and send him after these people who deal in deadly synthetic weed


yea, i dont post very often but just had to explode somewhere, hope you dont mind B)



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I totally agree. It's kinda like telling someone hey I don't think u should do that and just bc they wanna see what happens they do it anyways. America and just the world in General are f*#!in retarded. Taking something that was rightful left to have us use by Columbus god buds whoever u believe in the fact is that cannabis that plant that's a cure all.... LITERALLY and I say literally bc smoking helped keep ovarian cancer at bay from fetting worse long enough for me to get surgery so don't tell me the shit don't cure cance.r it does. I'm proof u say other wise good whatever but IM LIVING PROOF THESE GOVERNMENT JERK NEED TO SHUT UP LIGHT UP AND GET THE F^!#& OUT
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