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Sick looking leaves

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Nah, that ain't an overwatering effect. If it was overwatering the whole plant would be affected the same way, not just a single stem

To me it looks like that stem has been damaged, possibly the phloem (primary feeding route) has been damaged and the nutrient and fluids can't get through. A bit like ringbarking a tree.

I'd be checking the stem below that wilting.



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he said affected stems on 1 plant not one stem. look a bit closer at the plant behind and it does appear to b slightly wilted.

I stand corrected he did say stems, I assumed he was referring to the single stem that had wilted. Still, it seems odd to me that one stem would wilt dramatically more than another unless it had previous damage...I will defer to those with more knowledge than I :)

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when are you watering your plants dude?  the best time to water plants is in the early morning or the late afternoon.

watering in the early morning lets it penetrate deep down through the plant and gives it a kick on before the heat of the day sets in.

you shouldn't water thru the middle of the day, when it is really hot it can cause burning especially if you water straight over the top of your plants

if you water at night you can cause fungal problems because the excess water cant evaporate away.

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