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How long to go?


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Looks like they are being grown outside?

if so, they will not start to flower for a few more months (once the daylight falls below 12 hours/ more than 12 hours darkness) YMMV


once they start to flower it can take anywhere from 8 to 20+ weeks to flower to completion


you can also place them in darkness on your won that too will bring on the flowering cycle

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Actually they will start flowering before the natural day is reduced to 12/12.


12/12 lighting (ie 12 hrs light and 12 hrs dark in each 24 hr period) is used indoors because pretty much all strains will flower on this regime.


Outdoors is a little different, most indica dominant strains will begin to flower once the days have reduced to about 14hrs, strains with more sativa in them will need shorter days again, but only tropical sativas will actually need close to 12/12 to initiate flowering.


In Hobart, at a guess, I'd say you'll see signs of flowering by mid February.


All th best, lou.


Edit - yes, this is the perfect time to take clones.


And yes, harvest will be somewhere around the middle of May.

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Whatever you are doing seems to be working well. What food are you "sprinkling". A lot of people opt for a liquid based ferts (no right or wrong just different horses for different courses).


Regards to cloning there's plenty of good tutorials around id start reading there.


Late September is the right time for starting outdoors. General rule of thumb is plant Father's Day harvest Mother's Day. (Dad plants the seed and mum gets the flowers haha).


Humidity is not too concerning during veg, but can hurt during flowering stage as mould creeps in and can ruin the last 6 months of your tlc if not spotted early. I know from experience unfortunately.

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Thanks once again for the replies again guys!


These babies have been thru hell, repotted 4 times. I took them right up into the bush a few weeks ago and 3 of them got eaten (even tho I bought a 18 dollar repellent!)

So obvioulsy I took the other two out of the bush and brought them home. I was very lucky, only one plant was male and I spotted that early...They are looking ridiculously happy with nice little white and purple hairs...First time growing and absolutely loving it...


Reckon I would get a pound of them?


Im using osmocote plant food, making organic teas and compost...

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