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Blackout X Dry Herb Pen

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Howdy all,


I got myself a blackoutX dry herb "vape pen" a few weeks ago and thought I would share my thoughts.


I have been using a silver surfer plug in vape at home now for the past 4 or 5 months and was looking for a portable vape to take with me to parties, camping etc where I could enjoy some medicinal herbals.


The blackout x dry herb pen is not a vape in my opinion, I cant get it to vape, just combust herbs, so essentially it is a fancy electronic pipe. The build quality is average with the threads on the herb chamber not sliding together smoothly. There is no temp control or way to regulate temperature at all, just a button that you hold down while your herbs combust.


Customer service was also poor, I pre ordered the product and waited two months past the promised delivery time. The company sent emails saying that we would get free stuff as compensation, nothing came. Also after I told them I was sending the product back because it doesn't vaporise they said I had to pay a $25 return fee and pay postage. So out of a $80 USD product I got only half my money back after retuning it and paying for shipping.


If anyone knows of a vape pen that actually works please tell me, other wise I will save up and get a pax or firefly.


Don't waste your money on a blackoutX dry herb pen if you want a dry herb vaporiser

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no worries ford and jester, happy to share my experience and help people out with a review.


that's good to know about the hash vaping with the G pen matanuska,


I'm interested to see how you go with that one Katton,  if it does work then the price is certainly good, otherwise I will put money aside and get a pax or similar.

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