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A.M.S. White fly remedy - now dieing

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Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor
Growing Medium: Soil
Growing Style: Amateur
Watering/Feeding Frequency: Water every few days
PH Levels: 6ish
Growth Stage: Vegging
Plants Age: 8 weeks?
Cannabis Strain: A.M.S. from Greenhouse seed co.

Hi all,


I have an A.M.S. that I'm growing outdoor and it was going really well, looked great besides we have a bit of a white fly pest problem. I grow a full garden of veggies, tomatoes, capsicum, cucumber, lettuce, etc. so they were all over the garden 

I read online to try 2 tablespoons of oil in 4 litres of water or 2 tablespoons of soap and to spray it over the plants, topside and underside. I liked the oil idea because it seemed safe but my mum insisted to use soap too, and she put some chili flakes in as she thought the bugs don't like them.

Anyway I sprayed my plant as well as like 1/4 of the garden and all of them began to die. I took a picture of the soap mum used, which ended up being Morning Fresh dishwashing liquid (picture attached)...


The next day I checked and the plant was brown and wilting, I looked up it might be a magnesium deficiency and so mixed a little epsom salts (about 1 tblespoon to 4 litres water) and watered it a bit but no progress.

So my questions are:

1. Can the plant be saved? If so, what do I need to do?
2. In future, what is a good way to deal with white flies?

Files attached. Thanks guys





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A lot of those detergents now have nasty stuff like enzymes and petroleum based chemicals that plants don't get along with. Also did you spray it before it got dark rather than in the morning?

Yeah when I saw what was used, and read "Faster drying action" I felt it wasn't going to be good. 


I put it on around midday, it was 30+ degrees and rained heavily the day after.


So there is nothing that'll bring this plant back?

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The only bit of advice would be "do not water in direct sunlight".

We all know of process called evaporation, where the water is turned into a vapour and disappears from the heat of the light

But there is another process called Evapotranspiration, where the sun not only evaporates the fluid on the surface of leaves but also evaporates fluid from within the leaves actually sucking more fluid than the plant would normally allow, this dries the plant out and as you have found can be very detrimental to the plant. This can occur with any fluids put on the foliage.

This is why lawns should never be watered during the day, according to the water authorities. It can kill the lawn. But the fact is, it isn't just applicable to lawns. No plants should be watered in direct sunlight. Also if you are adding nutrients to the fluid, when the water has all evaporated the salts are left and this can also burn the leaves of the plant.

If you need to give the plant any treatment do so early evening, when you still have light to see but not enough heat to evaporate.

If you believe the plant needs water, then water the base of the plant around the root line, and not the foliage.



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I have to disagree with watering causing sunburn, while this is true on very tender foliage plants most plants won't get burnt due to water on leaves, but due to vessels inside leafs that carry water being much thinner towards outside of leafs, when it is too hot and the plant does not have access to enough water, all the water is pulled away from thin vessels on outside of leaves causing cells to collapse. Mind you watering in the heat of the arvo is a nono just not cause of burning.


when spraying oils etc it becomes a very different ball game

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