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Any idea what this is?

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Hi there,


Can someone advise as to what this maybe?


I just repotted into 2L pots last night with a very low feed at 0.7ec. This morning these small white spots have turned up on some of the leaves. Could this have something to do with the coca ( in the new pots)  being flushed with tap water at ph of 7ish, before potting? - Also the entire media is wetter than id like due to this flushing before potting.




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They look ok to me, I would just keep going as you have been but if you want to up the ec just keep a close eye on them. Just flush regularly and don't overfeed them and you will do well. Also make sure to let the medium get quite dry between waterings to avoid waterlogging. My plants have always grown well when the moisture level in the medium is allwed to cycle between moist and much less moist (not really dry).


Sometimes when trying to get used to a medium I will let the medium dry out to the point that the plant starts to wilt so I can get a true reference point for how dry the medium can get and how light the pot feels. Try not to stress too much and some full plant pics would be nice too.



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Hi Naycha,


They have all lost their deep healthy green colour the past week. Now all this pale (im hungry) look.


I've just given them a very good flush this morning and feed them at 1.1ec hoping to turn them around. When flushing with ph adjusted water at 5.8ec I had a lot of trouble getting the run off down to 6ec. It was coming out a 6.4ec for ages - It took forever - very strange (im in coca & perlite nf brand) I'm now wondering if somehow they have experienced ph lock out and have not been able to take in the nutrients i've given them.


Their growth has been very slow under a 400w MH


Here's a full plant pic.




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