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Im very new to all things growing and have been making a mission to learn as much as possible. One subject which intrigued me was the feminization of seeds and how its done.


Basically i read (and please correct me if any of my interpretation of the subject is unjust) that Rodelization is the process of allowing a female cannabis plant to mature, and keep the plant in flowering long after the other plants have been harvested, so that the female starts to produce pollen sacks,

...this is where i get lost as information articles refer to fertilizing a female plant ..... so do you use the pollen sacks to fertilize the SAME female plant you got the pollen from, or must you have another sinsemilia in flower that you fertilize?


I read that most growers do not favor their hermaphroditic marijuana plants because they can release some pollen, ruining an entire sinsemilia crop (including themselves) and the seeds that come from this pollination are considered totally worthless.....

but if this is correct, how can the first method of waiting for a female to produce pollen sacks work, as its bacially the same thing isnt it.....as its growing male reproductive parts, so it turns hermie? yet one method provides usable seeds, the other apparently worthless seeds. Or does the Rodelization plant have a very different genetic structure over a hermie?

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Sometimes when you harvest you will get a few seeds particularly if you harvest a little late, that is Rodelization. Some strains are more inclined to start producing seeds this way than others and some require the breeder/grower to intentionally stress the plant. It's a way of producing feminised seeds, I think I read the dutch breeder Soma is credited as being the first to use this method.


Technically it is a form of hermaphroditism but generally you don't have to worry about it ruining your whole grow by seeding everything up, most of the time it's a case of finding a few innocuous seeds in an otherwise normal harvest.

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all seeds produced by hermies, whether natural or chemical or rodelized plants will be 100% female seeds.

I have been growing weed for 46 years and I always use 100% feminized hermie seed.

to prevent all the buds being naturally seeded, you have to pollinate one lower bud very early, as soon as buds start to appear, this stops the plant from freakin out and it wont produce seed in any other buds.


all my weed growing life I have watched people pull plants full of 100% female seeds, simply because they didnt do the research, any thing that needs to be known about growing weed is online, go for the science papers, heaps of work been done on cannabis.  

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some people think that weed plants can change their sex at any time that it's needed to become hermie, not true, male cant change into female and female cant turn into male. female plants that don't have access to males can produce their own male pollen, these are what we know as hermies. because the pollen produced contains no male chromosomes its impossible for any of the seeds to be male. they are all female, the seeds on the hermie plant as well as any other plants pollinated by hermie pollen will be female.

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G,day Mongyman,  the first plant I ever grew was in 1969, the seed was from a bag of Durban Poison a mate had bort back from south africa, that plant produced 8 seeds, which were female, the seed I use today comes from those plants.

Weeping Angel has informed me that all Cannabis plants are hermie.

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Bit off topic.....


Anyway, bit smashed and thinking bad combination, maybe a cannabis plant is a bit like a Ferret....You all say what the F%ck....


When I was younger I use to breed Ferrets for rabbiting.. big thing to do in Victoria..


Anyway if female ferrets doesn't get fertilised they overheat and die by end of October...



Maybe if cannabis plants don't get pollinated at all,  this sends the poor old plant into hyper overdrive and you end up with either bananas lots or stressed bud...bit like the ferret dead...


So by just pollinating a bud or two with some male pollen in early flowering it  may alleviate some of the stress, as it has confirmed mating and continues on budding the plant as normal.




Anyway just a thought and yes I pollinated a few lower buds...


See if I my buds end up throwing bananas....



Do any long experienced growers see more stable plants when pollinating a few lower pop-corn buds in flower........

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What I have been doing for the last 40 years or so, with female hermie seeds, as soon as buds start to appear I pollinate part (2-3 buds) of the lowest branch, this seems to keep seeds from turning up in most of the other buds, when its time to harvest I remove all the branches but for the lower pollinated one, I leave the main stem with a few buds on top, these are left to mature, the odd seeds that are in the top buds are 100% female, as long as a few buds are pollinated early, you will end up with mostly seedless buds.  

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