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want to take part of a Cannabis and Pain study at Sydney Uni?




involves putting your hand in a bucket of ice water - 


enrolment ends Dec 2014


From the webpage:


.... help us understand the role of the endocannabinoid system in pain perception

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Thanks for that Matanuska Thunder, but be aware folks.


I checked it out, That Dr David Allsop is in very tight with Jan Copeland and NCPIC and I don't trust his views or study to be independent when its a payed study by a Government Org. with a mission statement that is anti canna,


This Dr and Jan used tax payer funds to study big pharma Sativex to use in controlling withdrawl from canna,  That's like  using Oxy to control my Oxy withdrawal, just stupid, but they think they made a world first breakthrough if you read there press releases. They tried Lithium Carbonate in another study.

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