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'Fake' drugs ruin lives

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I'm gonna use my first post here to comment on this.


About a year ago I moved to a new city where I didn't know anybody. I've been a casual cannabis smoker for most of my adult life (I'm now 40) and not knowing any connections in this new city, I decided to try a "legal high" which was available at the local sex shop. The effects were close enough to the real thing to fulfill my need to smoke, but as the effects only lasted a short time, i went through it pretty quickly and decided it wasn't worth the $30 for 1.5 grams. But then a few weeks later, feeling like a smoke again, I went back and got another one. This one gave me a pretty bad panic attack on the first smoke but I reduced the amount in the next joint and was actually pleased that it lasted me a bit longer. Before I knew it, i was a regular customer at the sex shop.



Fast forward six months and I was like a crackhead. I'm a family man and that shit was seriously affecting my relationships with my wife and kids. Plus I was spending a couple hundred dollars a week on it, which we could not afford. My wife convinced me to quit it and I did, but it was fucking hard. For 3 days, i was bedridden, sweating and throwing up. I stayed off it for about 2 months until I had the urge for a smoke and still not knowing anyone with the real stuff, I stupidly thought that I could just get it once and I'd be fine. Back to square one.


I'm off it again now and I'm sure I'll never touch it again but it fucking sucks that it's so easy to get it while I still don't have a proper connection for the real thing. I've moved again (to another area where I don't know anyone) and managed to get a gram here and there but nothing reliable. I function so much better when I can have a toke at night. I'm happier, I'm a more attentive parent, I fuck my wife better and I'm much more creative (music, writing and just ideas in general). The fake shit works in all those respects but the negatives (cost, short duration, unwanted side-effects) mean that it's not worth it. So now I'm straight and boring all the time.


Okay, so I'm not sure what my point is exactly. Maybe just warning people not to mess with that crap. And hoping someone will refer me to a reliable source for when I next feel the strong urge for a toke (I'm in the Werribee area now).

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