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Arizer Solo Vaporiser

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Been using this wee beastie for near 2 weeks now, so I'll have a crack at a review etc.  post-49871-0-72438000-1411817568_thumb.jpg


Both this and the Extreme Q desktop vape have plenty of encouraging reviews online, and seemed to be great value for money.  The Q sounds like a better unit with more complete temp controls, variable speed fan, and ability to do balloons, but choofing is an outdoor activity at our house, and the portability also won us over for things like fishing, camping, and holidays etc, so battery operated freedom it was.


Never used a vape before, so I can't compare to anything, and this will mean that my review will not be very comprehensive.


Not being fan driven, the biggest learning curve is figuring out how hard and fast to draw on it.  I have found a long steady slowish (but not too slow) draw will usually result in a nice dense vapour cloud.  Takes a little mucking about to nail it down, but we both were getting it most of the time after a few attempts.  Can't go too hard on it, and you need to give it 10 seconds or so between draws, otherwise the battery operated heat level drops down too much, but it ends up being a fairly natural rhythm.  Controls are fairly simple, and the lights on the panel all make sense and do their job.


Takes a few hrs to recharge the unit, but you get reasonable life out of it, and in an emergency you can use the current model while charging.  They claim you can get 2-3hrs continual use out of a charge, but I'm calling bullshit.  You would have to have it sitting on the lowest setting, which is 50 celsius and only useful for heating potpouri.  Not sure how long it would last, haven't been keeping track and I would imagine that the heating up to operating temp would be a big drain every time you switch on, but we have been getting a couple of nights out of it without batting an eyelid, so not too bad.


Only problems I personally have with it are that the temperature range is not wide enough, and the way the wand fits into the unit does not feel convincing.  Setting 1 is 50c, but then it goes to 175c for setting 2, and then up in 5c increments to 210c.  Top temp is fine, and I haven't bothered using it as I'd rather waste the little bit of remaining goodness than put up with the taste, but for medicinal usage I would have preferred to see temps starting around 150c to give more control over what elements are being vaporised.


As for the wand fitting, it's initially hard to get it in past the seal, but easy enough after the 1st time provided you line it up at the correct angle.  Problem is that once in it feels a bit loose, and has free in and out movement up to a point.  These things leave me worried that I'm sucking air past the seal, doesn't seem to happen but I'd prefer it to feel more convincing.


After a bit of pfaffing about we've pretty much got vaping buds down how we like it.  Nice simple grinder consistency works well.  Fill the bowl and tamp it down enough so that it stays in when turned upside down and given a gentle shake.  I've been using a screen both top and bottom of the bowl, the instructions don't say to do this but I'd rather avoid the risk of sucking chunks through the wand, or having to clean bits out of the heater element.  We tried starting on level 3, and turning it up 1 at a time as the vapour cloud thinned out, but this was a hassle and the last couple of settings tasted a bit nasty.  So we ended up just putting it on 5, which is either 195 or 200??? and going with that till it's finished.  There's a bit of wastage doing this, but I'm in the fortunate position of not being short of gear and not having to pay for it, some others might prefer to get every last drop.  Still struggling with the no smoke flavour, it's hard to tell how much I'm getting after all these years of smoking, but I'm sure I'll get there eventually.  Really enjoying the other flavours that come through without the combustion masking them though.  Not good at describing these things, and still trying to figure them out, but good.  Have to say that cured buds are much nicer though, and the sweet flavours coming through from hash are pretty cool.


Now, I've only just got around to trying to figure out hash.  We've chucked a few bits in with buds, and that works okay so long as they are in the middle of the pack.  Also tried putting some between a couple of screens, works but causes screens in the bin every time.  As some of you might be aware, I have been just about solely on the hash since I've started sifting my own, so working this out is now my top priority.  So this is early days work in progress, starting with the cotton wool method I've heard for vaping oils.


Put a little layer of cotton wool in the bottom of the bowl.  post-49871-0-80879700-1411817660_thumb.jpg


Break up some hash into little chunks (got some Cheese x Afghan trimming hash, and some Bubblegum Auto hash here)  post-49871-0-01950200-1411817726_thumb.jpg


Chuck a layer in on top of the cotton wool.  post-49871-0-96964000-1411817787_thumb.jpg.


This time I packed  another layer of cotton wool, more hash, and then a top layer of cotton wool to finish.  post-49871-0-84306600-1411817838_thumb.jpg


Put the wand in, turn her on and wait till she's up to temp.  post-49871-0-90318300-1411817941_thumb.jpg


I tried to capture a pic of the vapour cloud, but fucked it up.  Next time I'll try with just 1 layer, as it was really hard to draw through with 2.  Got some nice dense clouds, and some sweet soapy flowery flavours you just wouldn't expect from hash.  Couldn't finish it off, so I'll have to wait till after next session to see if it stops the melty mess etc, but I am very much medicated and rambling a bit too much.  Have to say the buzz is a little different to smoking, but can't really describe how.


Hope this info is of some use or interest to some of you.

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Nice work Sir PsychoHashy!!  I have been looking at these lately. And also the Davinci ascent.


Am keen to hear more about how it goes with hash. Did you have to get a different attachment or anything?


I reckon I need to do a bit more fine tuning with hash yet, but it certainly vapourises it effectively.  We got well medicated twice off that bowl, taste was starting to drop off by the end but I think theres still a little left in it, so I'll wait until after having a go at that to open it up and see what the remains look like.  Next time I might try a single layer with just enough for one session, as I noticed it seemed to be getting harder to draw through towards the end, so I'm assuming it's sorta melting together.


Didn't need to get any attachments, in fact I haven't been able to find any extra attachments that are designed to be used with this unit yet.  That's why I'm trying cotton wool filters at the moment to try and find an effective hash solution.  Getting good vapour clouds, and nice solid hash body stone, without any unwanted flavours coming through from the cotton wool, so I reckon with a bit of tinkering I'll be happy with it.


Can't compare to the Davinci, but if you end up going with one of them I'd be happy to hear your thoughts.

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Thanks man,


Ive been having a go of a mflb over the last 3 weeks, i have to give it back to my mate this week. I will miss it, but mostly because its a lot more family friendly than the billy or pipe. it kinda tastes funny, from the wood, and i get a real hacking cough, when i push it a bit.


Apparently the way the solo is setup it acts like a convection heater, giving it a tick over the ascent. I didn't realise you could put hash in them, and i usually end up with a few grams that i struggle to smoke, so you may have tipped me into the arizer.

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Thanks man,


Ive been having a go of a mflb over the last 3 weeks, i have to give it back to my mate this week. I will miss it, but mostly because its a lot more family friendly than the billy or pipe. it kinda tastes funny, from the wood, and i get a real hacking cough, when i push it a bit.


Apparently the way the solo is setup it acts like a convection heater, giving it a tick over the ascent. I didn't realise you could put hash in them, and i usually end up with a few grams that i struggle to smoke, so you may have tipped me into the arizer.


Like I said, having no other experience I'm not in the best position to compare, but I can't really fault this unit as such either.


Read a lot of reviews on the MFLB, seemed to have people either loving or hating it, with several comments about signs of combustion from memory.  Would have thought the wood taste would become seasoned over time and possibly become an improvement on flavour, bit like a seasoned BBQ plate.  The magic flight does have attachments for concentrates available to go with it though.


Still trying to nail down the best hash method with the Solo.  Single session amount in the cotton wool seems to be a better option, just need to figure out whether broken up into itty bitty chunks or squished into little pancakes is best.  Hassle is trying to ensure an even spread across the surface of the cotton wool, and not messing that up when putting the top layer over it.  Going to have another look for a concentrates attachment when I get the time, but I couldn't find anything currently available on my previous short attempt.  Might even try to Macgyver some sort of capsule type insert that can concentrate the airflow over a small, easily cleaned area one day????


If you're looking for portability in a vape though, general consensus on this unit is that it is pretty good all round, and I would tend to agree.  It is small enough to cart around easily, but not quite small enough to be stealthy in public, so if that's important it's probably worth looking further.

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Got mine in the post the other day tho i wont be home from work for another month and i have to say that i read a massive amount about it before i finally laid down the money for it, there were a few others that are as good or better than the solo but price became an issue, the solo is the best bang for buck any day and items like the pinnacle pro seem good and had a water tool with it but at $400+ it dam well should be.

Ive seen there is a just a ton of items for the solo such as gong attachments, wooden stems and decals for the solo but the one thing i would have liked to see is a quality stand for it and am yet to see something i think is cool. As for use with wax/oil/shatter/bho whatever you wanna put in it other than herbs im struggling to find anything in the way of a special stem or attachment, the only way ive seen is yours with cotton wool, ive even seen nicotine e-juice dropped onto the cotton. A silicone skin for the solo would be awesome to protect it from knocks and bumps but im sure its coming.

I have linked a few of the items i have seen for the solo i hope thats not a violation of any rules, i just wished OzBongs stocked the solo.


glass gong fitting so your solo can feed your bong or bubbler stock moves fast so keep an eye on it 



Ed's TnT good stems, these have the same tapper as a ground glass joint but made of quality wood



Skin Devil solo decals, These are more to personalise your solo and protect it from scratches, some look cool 


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Had one of these for a year and I haven't used it much. I guess I'm not big on vaping because sometimes the taste and smell is really off putting. Maybe I have poor quality product?


I have used the Planet Vape GonG 14G adapter to run through a glass water pipe which was fun. I have since given away my piece and I now have a 18G bubbler on the way from OzBongs. I've also ordered the 18G GonG piece from PV so hopefully in a few weeks I'll have a more portable handheld water bubbling vape machine!


I have bent and straight stems, don't make too much of a difference, but then as I said, I'm not a heavy user.

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My experience with the arizer is the same, I use a screen and the glass pipe does not seem to fit perfectly but I get plenty of vapour once I got the technique down.


I love the taste and smell too.


However, I have not been using it lately as I feel like I don't get as smashed just vaping and it takes 5 minutes compared to sucking down 2 quick cones in 30 seconds or less.  Maybe I will change my mind in the future.  I usually use it on the highest or second highest setting.

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