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Using Mothers

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I have read conlficting opinions on whether or not genetics is weakened over time with a mother/clone system and eventually you always have to go back to seed. Fact or fiction?


Is it possible to run a perpetual mother/clone system without compromising on quality? Should mothers be replaced with one of their clones after a certain period of time?


Also, someone told me that the longer you leave your plant to veg before flower the better the finished product will be. Now I know it will increase yield with a given a set number of plants, but I'm mainly interested in quality of the bud.


thanks in advance.

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The main problem I've found with keeping the same strain for a long time is that I build up a tolerance to it, I would still be straight and everyone else would be off their faces.


In my opinion the longer you can veg the plant the better, I usually veg to a touch over 2/3 of the available grow height.



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thanks guys. I'll see how the tolerance thing goes Tom, I've only started smoking regularly in the last few months. But I plan to have at least 2 and maybe 4 or more different mothers and alternate crops.


the reason I ask about the veg. time is that I'm planning a scrog setup, which from what my limited knowledge tells me has a very short veg time. And my thinking is that if I'm sacrificing quality maybe I should plan for a larger grow space even though I don't want/need it for yield.

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