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Help me setup a DTW system!


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Hey guys,


Midway through my first indoor run. Running 6 x 8L pots filled with a 60/40 mix coco and perlite in a 1.2m x 1.2m x 2m space.


Currently I'm hand watering 1L twice a day (which easily gives 30% or so runoff) but I really want to setup a automatic DRAIN TO WASTE system with homemade drip rings feed 3-5 times a day.


I've been reading up on them for the past couple of days but still unsure about a few things.


At the moment I'm going through about 12L of feed a day.


How do I calculate how long and how often I would leave the pump on to see great hydro results?


How big should my res be?


What sort of pump is best?


Would gravity feeding be possible for this setup?


Anything else I missed would be awesome. I'd love to hear what you guys have setup and any pointers.





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If you're looking for an automated feed setup for coco, then I'd go with Billygoats suggestion.  I bought that exact package, but haven't used it yet, but others here have with great results.  Gravity feed will work with the Blumat system as well.  You can use additives like H&G Drip Clean to help keep them from blocking.


Without all the relevant information, I'd have to query what you have been doing.  Unless your plants are big enough to be completely draining the pots you shouldn't be watering that often, it is preferable to let the coco dry between feeds.  I can't see 6 plants in that space being big enough to transpire that much.


When looking for advice it is also worth providing lots of info, and pics can be helpful as well.  How old are the plants, what are you feeding them, what is your planned outcome, have you put them into flower yet, etc? 


If this is your 1st grow, and you are looking for help, it might be worth considering posting a grow diary here.  Gives you a chance to share what you are doing, and get plenty of guidance along the way.  Plenty of info and other grows here for you to research as well.   I think it was JudgeFudge and Rose of Darkness that have recently completed grow diaries using Blumats in coco for example.


Good luck

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