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Transfer indoors out query.


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Hi all.

I have some indoor seedlings I want to get ready for going outdoor.


Just wondering the best method for doing this.


I pressume if I just throw them out now they might go to early flower.


Would I have to gradually cut down the light time indoor to equal natural outdoor times ect..


Any help would be great.

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We have been having lovely weather in northern vic, but the natural light cycle will be too short to support vegetative growth until about the beginning of November. Reducing the light cycle slowly to match the natural light cycle wont stop them from going into flower.


Either wait until the days are long enough to support vegetative growth, or accept that they will begin to flower and then re-vegetate once the days lengthen. The plants will then grow vegetatively until the days shorten again and the plants will return to flower at the usual time.

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depends where you are mate, I reckon in QLD you could nearly get away with planting now. Maybe a 2-3 week wait would be perf, but again depends on your location. I've never had a problem with chucking seedlings outdoors - that I started under lights and kept them there for nearly a month (had them on 16/8). I find at the younger veg age they'll soak up as much light as they can.

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I'm doing the same, in Vic too, won't be putting them out until at least November though.

Louise, what are your thoughts on not reducing the light cycle indoors before transplanting, do you think the sudden reduction in light hours will stress the plant?

Don't take this as gospel, but an old mate of mine said when he was doin years ago, he just put them straight out without any problems.


I was asking for the same for that reason. Just when you think about it, your taking them straight out of 18 hours of light to approx. 11-12. You'd think they'd just start to flower?

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from my experience plants that are 3 generations or more from indoor gardens don't grow very well outdoors. indoors, the weather is perfect 24/7 where as outdoor is not!

I have 4 plants in my garden now, 2 are indoor genetics 2 are outdoor genetic. plants from indoor seeds at 6 weeks are about 12" high, plants from outdoor seeds are 4 feet tall at same age. they are all indica/sativa cross but diff strains also.

moving indoor to outdoor you will get success but nowhere near as successful as if they stayed indoor.

outdoor seeds thrive indoors but indoor seeds don't seem to grow as well outdoors....... anyone know how to improve this problem?

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