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Warren Entsch Wants Medical Cannabis

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“We are very pleased to hear about MP Warren Entsch’s plans to make a move on medical Cannabis. It has become increasingly embarrassing for us at the HEMP Embassy in Nimbin telling people it’s all illegal and unless they can afford a trip to America they have to visit the blackmarket to get their medicine”, said HEMP President Michael Balderstone.

“The horse has long bolted, the word is out there all over the internet especially. People are getting results from Cannabis they were not able to get from Pharmaceuticals. People dying from cancer, mothers with children who have epilepsy and other shocking disabilities. I was beginning to wonder if anyone in Canberra had a pulse in their heart, so many thanks to Mr Entsch for standing tall.”

“I believe a huge majority of the public supports allowing medical Cannabis and the only real opposition seems to come from vested interests and closed minds. There are big profits to be made from pain relief and Big Pharma will do its utmost to keep control of the industry. It’s a sick business!”

Tony Bower from Mullaways Medical Cannabis goes to Court again in Port Macquarie next Thursday (August 28th) for growing the Cannabis to make a tincture with less than the legal limit of THC to treat genetic childhood epilepsy. These children can suffer 50 to 500 seizures a day, developmental delay (cannot walk or talk) and die before puberty without this treatment.

“This ‘further research needed’ that has been cited for decades now, why isn’t it being done? Are the powers that be so scared of being wrong, or are they too lazy to correct misinformation that has helped keep them in power?”

“Please contact your parliamentary representative and encourage them to do the right thing.”


Cairns Post – Saturday August 23, 2014




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i would like the him to explain the 'impact' that chronic use has had on his 'wider family'.   PersonalLY.... 'impact on wider family' from 'chronic' use has been due to a multiplicity of substances.  primarily Meth and alchohol.  They may have been smoking but anyone who makes this kind of statement is an ill-informed layman and should not be  basing judgements and therefore making decisiions/legislation concerning it.  Hot wind.  They pick an easy target-self serving revenue raisers that don't piss off their pimps in big Pharma,chem,food and the UN.  they all seem okay till ya look a little below the surface-we've had 30yrs or more in qld mate an ya still respect the pirates robbers? pfft  soothsayers  if he's a pollie he's a whore-simple. That's the cowardly nature of the world.

faith :sun:

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