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Bananas late in flower

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So I noticed my Bubblegum had started spitting out bananas last week when I went to flush. I picked them off, flushed the plant and put it back in to finish off.


We found bananas on other Bubblegums in another tent too so we've put it down to being an unstable strain. We've pulled all the Bubblegums and have them away from the flowering plants, drying. Not going to let it go to waste. One was going to get chopped in a few days and the others were due to start being flushed weekend after next.


Now, we've also found bananas on a couple of Amnesia. It's an ~83 day flowering plant and has another 3-4 weeks to go before flushing.

My question is, should we just let the Amnesia's finish? Or do we risk seeding up everything?
The bananas are closer the tops than the bottom, just fyi.


I'm also wondering if it's something I/he/we did during growing.

My Skunk #1 keeps spitting nanas, and now the Amnesia. Got both strains from a seedbank too. :(

When the weather has warmed up I'll be trying to pop my last Skunk #1 (last two failed, I think it was too cold) and another Amnesia.

Any helpful info/feedback would be appreciated.




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wow lenny... that is weird.. my second run of lush xbb has done the same thing.???? :unknw:


. i thought it was heat stress the first round..but the temps have been great so im unsure what is happening, ??? :unknw:


my last run of lush xbb did seed part of my early skunk run. :doh: . but didnt seed the lush at all.. :unknw:


would you be so kind as to put up a pic of the said nanas, greatly appreciated


vape4life :afro:


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Hey guys n galls

Rotten luck. And weird.

I was always under the impression that nanas are a genetic thing. Stress usually causes hermi-ing!?

So prob nothing you have done lenny, as you said, instability in the genes I guess. :(

id keep plucking them off and let ye amnesia finish. be a shame to chop it early.

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I had the same thing last grow, just nearing the end and out come the Nanas.

Spoke to an old grower who told me "..with it being so late in the grow, not to worry. No seed would have enough time to develop" Which I was a bit doubtful about, but I left them

Luckily either he was right or they must have all been sterile, cos not 1 seed has been found. PHEW

(edit: When I say late in the grow I'm talking week 10 of a 13wk of 12/12) 


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I was just reading about making feminized seeds.

They said that late flower bananas are like female pollen, so it will make female seeds!   :thumbsup:

So i would think that sht is gold, save it in a bag for later.


They will make female seeds yes but they will also carry on the genetics that caused the parent to throw bananas in the first place giving you seed that can also banana. From my exp. it's possible to breed plants that throw bananas out of a strains genepool if the right parents are selected for breeding.. ie select plants to breed from that wont throw bananas no matter how much stress you put their genetics under.


There are alot better ways to make female seed imo like selecting parents that wont throw bananas then using silver thiosulfate to force female pollen production for eg.


:peace: MongyMan

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